1. Zionism: Devil Worshiping Jews


Let’s start with some brief facts about the Rothschild, especially their hidden agenda in the Middle East region:

In 1917, the Rothschild’s financially forced the British Government to grant them Palestine in exchange for getting the United States involved in World War I and on the side of Britain to ensure a victory over Germany.

But there was a big problem with this scenario: Palestine was never Britain’s to give away.

Prior to World War 2, Jerusalem rightfully belonged to the Palestinian Arabs, they fought for it, and lived there for thousands of years. Just like the United States rightfully belongs to the American Indians.

But unlike the Anglo-Saxons’ (Caucasians/Whites), from England, there is no difference between the Jews and the Palestinians –except for that of religion!!! They are the same race, the same people.

Everyone else in the middle east seems to be able to get along, except for the Israelite’s (Jews), it has always been that way, and that’s even recorded in the Old Testament.

They are very difficult to get along with, because they feel themselves superior, being (self-proclaimed) God’s chosen people. Think of that Arab party store owner who doesn’t pay taxes, and treats you like your the foreigner.

They are (self-proclaimed) Gods chosen people, so everyone else (Gentiles) are considered inferior, and that attitude applies to there own race who share a different religion: The Palestinians.


They Jews were banished from their own homeland, during the many wars with the Palestinians (and others), described in the Bible, and wondered through the desert looking for a new home.

The Jews have lived all over the world. Almost every country he has its own Jewish minority. Two countries with the largest Jewish community: Israel and the United States (both around 6 million people).

Ironically six million Jews were killed during World War 2, many in concentration camps created by Adolph Hitler. It was a systematic extermination.

Everyone thinks it was because of a personal grudge that Hitler had as a student, when a Jewish professor told him that his work was not good enough for him to be accepted into the University. He simply told him that his work was better suited for a technical school.

Little known fact but Hitler himself was partly Jewish, his mother was a maid for the Rothschild family, until she got pregnant. Many speculate the father was from a member of the Rothschild family, as she was unmarried at the time.

After the extermination of six million Jews, the remaining populace felt that the only way they would be safe is if they had their own country, so they wanted to return to where they originally came from and the state of Israel was founded.

Zionism in the simplest definition is the return of the Jews to their homeland. The word Zion, is named after a hill near the city of Jerusalem. To many religious Jews, Israel is ‘the promised land.’

Unfortunately people already live their, and not just the Palestinians; there were also many other non-(Jews) living in Israel.

Many European Jews who survived the Holocaust, went to live in Israel after the war. Many Jews from Arab (Muslim) countries also fled or migrated to Israel.

The United Nations divided Palestine into a Jewish part and an Arab part. Among the Arab population, however, there was a lot of resistance, as you can’t give to the Israelite’s without taking from the Palestinians (and others), who already live there.

The Israelite’s were seen as invaders, just like the caravans of illegal immigrants from South America and Mexico storming across the borders of the Unites States.

What if NATO suddenly wanted to give Mexico back Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Texas!!!  The creation of the State of Israel has created nothing but conflict since its inception. 

Slowly but surely, the Jews started to brutally and forcefully evacuate the land and take over. In the past several decades, the Zionists have murdered and victimized millions of innocent and defenseless Palestinians.

Immediately five neighboring Arab countries declared war on Israel. To the other Arab Nations, Zionism meant Conquers, Invaders, Murders, and Thieves.

 Israel won that war (only with the help of NATO), and many Arab residents of the region had to flee their homes. Just like the Jews in Germany they lost everything they had. 

The Jews still commit genocide to this day with the full blessing of Washington, London, and Brussels but more importantly the Rothschild crime family are supplying the blue-print for their constant divide and conquer warfare, Luciferian agenda.

(To be Continued)…


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