I know red heads are hotter than hell, but they are also rumored to have bad tempers, I don’t like to stereotype but this woman seems angry. 

She is rich, educated, successful, famous, beautiful, and witty, I have seen her on the Greg Gutfield show a couple times and aside from looking bored, she is really entertaining.

I think this girl is a “super-freak” to borrow a phrase from the late great Rick James. She is not sleazy, but she rather a hidden sexual dark-side. 

She hides the fact that she loves “darkie’s.”

None of this can be proven but her are some interesting facts about Gillian before she started working at Fox News.

  1. Gillian Turner is a well-educated white woman who completed her master’s degree from the “University of Cape Town”, South Africa. The picture below is a very young Gillian earning her degree in Black Studies.



Ain’t no spoiled, over-privileged white bitch got any business going to Africa. I mean we have more than enough black guy’s she can do right here.  


Only a sexually frustrated white woman would go over to Africa to hook up with a tribe of non-white natives. I’m no Freud, but I’m guessing its to get back at her daddy, for never spending enough time with her.

  • Gillian’s broke up with her secret boyfriend for the last two years because of irreconcilable differences, however, all of those differences where resolved by her new African boyfriend, Yohimbe.

      2. One of the youngest ever recipients of the National Security Council to receive outstanding Service Award, for regions on Africa and the Middle East.

Now the pictures are unconfirmed, but I believe that they were taken in Johannesburg, when Gillian was “serving” in Africa, by her pimp boyfriend Yohimbe (cock master) who had later leaked these on the internet after she went back to the states.


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