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World of Rath is a website for adults. Mainly geared towards Men, but both Men and Women are very welcome. I talk about mainly about issues that Men are concerned with. I am straight-forward and very direct. So if you’re easily offended, this is NOT the site for you.

This site is NOT appropriate for any one under 18. No children allowed.

Maybe It would be easier to define this site by what its not.

I am NOT Politically Correct.

I hate Liberal Hollywood, and people like Rosie O Donnell make me sick.

I do NOT trust our Government.

Our laws, were never designed to punish the rich people. That’s why lobbying (legal bribery), is legal.

Why you can’t sue Google, for spying on you, or McDonald’s for serving you human flesh (McRib).

Chem-Trails, GMO’s, Fluoride in the water, Black Budgets, Illegal Wars for Profit are all very real.

I do a lot of Political Satire, Celebrity Gossip, Current Events, and articles that I find interesting, such as:

Aliens (Illegal and Extra-terrestrial)

Celebrity Gossip

Men’s Health

Political Corruption

Sex and Female Nudity (not porn/intercourse).

I love the female body.

Unsolved Mysteries

Humor in the form of Scathing Satire.

I try and update once a day, usually in the morning.

There are also ad’s on this website, appropriate to whatever the article is about.

I deal in facts, not fiction. I openly welcome anyone to criticize or correct me.

However, I will not tolerate abuse, don’t call me filthy names just because you don’t agree with me. I will respect your opinion, please give me the same courtesy.


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