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Unfortunately, there was another Woolly Bully, that Maria knew of. It was a legend about a creature handed down by the elders of her village when she was just a child.

This was not just a local legend but widely known folklore in all the Spanish-speaking territories of both Mexico and South America. Officially this creature was known as the Acaro, and it was the equivalent of America’s Boogeyman, but unlike the United States, Mexico traditionally has both a male and female counterpart.

The male is called the Cocu, and the female version is called the Cuca. Some witness says the creature is the size of a man, but hairy all over with red eyes and a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth. Other accounts say that it lives in underground caves near the river, but has a greenish tone, with scales, and a lizard-like appearance.

It is well reported that there have always been (and continue to be), many strange lights in the sky, especially over Brazil and specific parts of South America.

And strange events have always followed thereafter. That’s when the children went missing. When the search parties with the police were sent, no traces of the missing children were ever found, even with the dogs, there were no bodies, bones, blood, clothing, nothing.

It was like they had completely vanished. But strange bear-like creatures with porcupine-like quills, were spotted, and suddenly disappeared when they were, they ran back into the darkness, camouflage of the forest. In Spain, Portugal, Latin America, and Brazil, parents used to sing songs about the mythical creature, as a way of scaring their children to behave.

The legend says that the creature is always on the lookout for children, hiding in dark places, like old mine shafts, caves, treetops, and even under the rooftops, as civilization crept into the jungle. During the blackest nights, it would take the shape of a shadow, always waiting for its opportunity. Anything it could find.




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