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The sight of a “blood moon,” where the moon looks red has fueled superstition, fear and even paranoia. The Blood Moon is mentioned in the Book of Joel, where it is written, “The sun will turn into darkness (Black), and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day when the Lord returns.”

Lunar Eclipse

We have had many Blood Moons, So why hasn’t the World ended like so many Biblical Scholars predicted???

Blood Moon Prophecy

Because the Blood Moon”can only occur during a Lunar Eclipse and not a Solar One. A Lunar Eclipse is when the moon is behind the Earth and looks a different color because of the way the rays of the Sun bounces off the atmosphere of the Earth.

The Blood Moon can only occur during a Lunar Eclipse, and never a Solar Eclipse, where the moon appears invisible, hidden in the shadow of the Sun.

Solar Eclipse

If it were to exist we would have to call this red moon something other than a blood moon, because it happened during a Solar Eclipse, instead of a Lunar.

The photo below is how both the sun and the moon would have to appear in order to fulfill the prophecy of Joel. I named this a “Fire Ellipse.”

Fire Eclipse

A red moon during a solar eclipse is a physical impossibility because the shadow cast by the Sun would always make the Moon appear Black, not Red.

There has never been an anomaly in human history for this event…

Until Now

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