Wisconsin’s Beast of Burden


Beast of Bray Road Eyewitness Account

“I lived in the town of Franklin, WI. We had just moved into a brand new subdivision, and were currenty the only house that was built. The rest of the area for a long distance was empty lots on what used to be the adjoining farm’s old land.

Our back yard had a large running creek. On the other side of the creek was some brush and a single lane road with an old wooden streetlight that gave off an orange-yellow hue about 30 yards or so away.I went back into our sun-room and saw something crouched over illuminated through the brush.

I’m not sure what it was but I will try to describe it to you. The creature was hunched over, You know how your keeled over, when you’re about to throw up, and your on your knees and knees? It was similar to that.

Its breathing was so deep and heavy that you could see its chest heaving from that distance. Its hind legs were thick and muscular like a mans but its body tapered at the abdomen and head like a wolf or canine. It had yellow eyes that seemed to glow.

Me and my brother noticed it creeping through the grass about 30 feet away from the porch. The movement reminded us of a coyote but this, whatever it was, was only about a foot and a half tall and anywhere from 8-10 feet long. It’s body was pressed almost completely against the ground and its head turned towards us, almost as if it was stalking us as prey.

Suddenly our dad (who was a Vietnam Vet) ran out to find out why we were making so much noise. And we told him that we had seen a “prowler,” we were all freaked out because one of our dogs had just been killed the other day.

My dad told us to get inside and then he brought out his rifle and flashlight. He stood in the driveway and shined it onto whatever we thought we saw. When he shown the light on it, it ran to the side of the house.

Then he went inside and called the police, you can hear the call he recorded, if you click the picture.

Click Pic

He was talking to the dispatcher when he saw it through the window, and then he ran out. When he shown the light around the house The sensor light also came on and we saw it sprint from the back of the house on all four’s. My dad shot at it, but he must have missed it because we heard it splash through the creek afterward. To this day we do not know what it was.

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