Greeting Brethren,

I am a writer who created a new genre called Eros Macabre (which is really just a combination of horror and erotica). What are the two most types of films. Porn and Horror. Sure you have the new Star Wars or Jurassic World every Summer, but there always that haunting feeling of “been here-done that.”
Because you have.

I don’t rewrite the Batman story every five years. I am original. That’s how I gauge my success. Not by how many books I sold or if how many fans I have. If I have told you a story that you have never heard before, I did my job.
I don’t know why but for some reason there have tried to mix genre’s before, like Horror and Comedy.
Both good in their own respect, but horrible together. Like Peanut Butter and Ketchup, instead of Peanut Butter and Jelly.

I got it right thou.

My first book, was about a beautiful thirteen year old redhead who practices witch-craft to protect herself from Rape and Incest. It was so realistically written that Amazon banned the printed version and I the uncut version is only available in E-format.

Before I ever stated writing I was an inventor (not a scientist), so I tried to built working proto-types which are very expensive. Millions of dollars in nothing for a working prototype that will never see the light of day. As a man who came from nothing. I started writing stories (fiction) usually set in the near-future and mentioned my inventions as an attempt to promote them. I started a website to build a following with short stories (all mine and original), in an attempt to build an audience that would buy my longer novels, that my inventions were mentioned (and illustrated in), so that I could generate enough money to build a working prototype of my inventions.

I started doing this over twenty years ago, and here we are. So if you have never heard of me, its not by choice. I have been perfecting my craft and building my confidence. Please buy this book, or my others, and join me at my website:


White Devil

Back in the 90’s I was a white rapper who opened for Rob (Vanilla Ice) Van Winkle, right before he made it big. It all started when I was in High-School, I was physically smaller that most of the other children my size.

So I was an easy target for bullies, and after getting beat-up I knew that fighting, at least  for me, wasn’t the answer. I had to find another way to protect myself. So I started acting “erratically,” and sometimes it worked. Sometimes it didn’t. But I became very creative.

First of all let me make it clear that I was very independent, I never tried to fit in, I was more interested in being my own person. I hated bullies, I hate them then and I hate them now.

See bullies are not necessarily cowards, but they are to the point that they don’t want to try and fuck with any other who can actually beat their ass.

A real tough buy NEVER has to bully because when your a bad motherfucker you have nothing to prove. The bullied didn’t respect and I didn’t respect them.

If I couldn’t hurt them by fighting, I would rat them out when I lost, every time, and sometimes even when I won. See I didn’t care about losing the respect of the other classmates either. All I wanted was to be left alone. Even if that meant having no friends. I wasn’t going to change who I was.

If this bothers you, stop reading because I make NO apologies for it then or now, and if you are or were a bully, and if your name was Matt Matakoski go kill yourself.

One time I was in the principals office. And I told him I got beat up and why and why, and he just looked at me “What do you want me to do?”

Here was a 45 year old man asking me, a ten year old child how to do his job, and I told him as I got up to leave, “Find another job.”

When I was in the fourth grade I move from Michigan to South Carolina because my father had a job transfer, and the other kids my class would make fun of me because I had a Yankee accent that I couldn’t hear.

Do you know what it is to be made fun of something that you can’t even detect by the future cast of Hazard County???

I had long hair and the kids in the South all had short hair so they made fun of me until I got it cut, when I got it all cut off to look just like them they started laughing at me as soon as I walked in the classroom.

I looked over at Ms. Coward the fourth grade teacher of the Seven Oaks Elementary, because I wondered why she didn’t stop them, and she was laughing at me just like the rest of them, but she had her head down and wasn’t facing me as she did it. So she didn’t know I knew.

She didn’t like me so she let them do it.

And I think my hatred of the school system started then. When I was older I sat in front of the class not the back where the trouble makers were. I sat down in my seat and a bully who terrorized me and some of the other kids, got called up to do a problem on the board. He was in the same row but in the back so as he walk up and slapped the back of my head when the teacher wasn’t looking, so I ran back to his desk grabbed his books and then ran over to the open windows, and threw his books out it.

The whole class (Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh), the teacher sent me to the office so I grabbed my backpack and left. On the way out Matt the bully threatened that he was going to beat me up again right in front of the teacher, but I said, Yea, but right now your just some chump looking like the asshole you are and always will be.

Instead of going to the principles office I went to where his books were and I had a lighter in my pocket so I collected his books in a pile and set them all on fire. I didn’t try to hide it, I wanted him to know it was me. Then I went home early. He wasn’t beating my ass that day. If I lost I got defeated on my terms, never his.

See, I knew the one thing that bullies like him were terrified of were crazy people, because crazy people are unpredictable, so that makes them dangerous. If people think your crazy they will leave you the fuck alone. I got so good at it that soon even I didn’t always know it was an act.

I got kicked out of school after that and I could not have been happier, until we moved six weeks later and I had to go to another school. The same started up all over again.  I went to a different school almost every year.

I was in another situation and I was being verbally assaulted by three people for something I never did. I don’t what the problem was but some people do not like you on site. They were not psychical bullies, but more verbal bullies.

I guess they were trying to run me off, but rather than leave I stayed and took them one, not one by one, all three at the same time, and not only holding my own but winning.

No body could beat me verbal. There was nothing so low I wouldn’t talk about and I crossed every line to win. Nobody had ever seen or done anything like that before. It was so bad that even people from the surrounding crowd even joined in to help them, against me.

But I gave it back until I got the last word, from everybody. Finally someone from the crowd called me “The Devil” again, and then the crowd dispersed until I was left standing there by myself.

When I finished school and graduated I became a teacher because I really wanted to make a difference, but then I realized that I was just as “out of touch” with the current generation, as the teachers were from my generation when I was a student.

It’s true we all become our parents.

When your a teacher they start you in the intercity, its not a school zone, its a war zone. And I had two kids start a fight just so I could get in the middle and then they would both start pounding on me.

That happened one time, and I never broke up another fight. You couldn’t carry a gun on the school grounds then even if you had a permit. I won’t go any further.

My brother wanted to take me to a comedy club to cheer me up, but that night the comedy had been cancelled and a rap (battle), open mike night was in-prompted instead.

I didn’t know anything about open mic nights, hip-hop, or black music, if you could call hip-hop music then or now, and I didn’t care, I just saw these two inner city black youths screaming obscenities at each other to the point of physical violence, and thought “Hey, I can do that.”

“In fact I was called worse than that everyday in my own classroom.”

There were never any fights in my classroom because the students knew that I wasn’t going to break it up, fuck it let them kill each other.

And they knew it.

The next time a fight did break out I just guided them out the door and locked it behind them. When they both started pounded on the door telling me to let them in, I refused, I told them to go to the Principals Office because they were not coming back in my class for the remainder of the day,

You white faggot, motherfucker.

Make that the rest of the week.

I’m going rape your mama Casper!!!

Okay, just the remainder of the day again.

Open up, bitch!!!

After School when they Principal found out what happened, he called me down to his office.

He told me that I was to break up every fight no matter the circumstances, and never lock a child out of class again.

I was really good with one word answers because that’s all beauricarasts like him understood.


What did you say?

I grabbed the microphone that he had on top of his desk and yelled into it even thou class was over and no one in the school was there to hear it.


Your Fired.

The sense of irony fired by a black man. And me with a college education.

And with that I got up and left. I wasn’t worried about the door hitting me on the way out because it had been broken down so many times the school couldn’t afford to fix it anymore.

Are You Down with the Wu-Tang???

I hated teaching so much by that point that I never returned there or anyplace else. But a four year degree in education was good for little except teaching, so I had a hard time finding another job in a different field.

Hip hop was really big in the 90’s, I heard the music at the school, on tv, everywhere and I hated it, still do.

But I saw this felonious piece of shit from some clique called the Wu Tang Klan, and he was picking up Food-stamps in a Limousine with his Welfare Girlfriend/Babies Mama/Some Crack Whore he just met. I think his name was Ole Dirty Bastard, deceased now, but when he was alive  he was unintentionally hilarious.

Filthy Bastard


There was a lot of these groups like these on late night TV who were the “Musical Guest” on David Letterman and the other late night talk shows like Arsenio Hall.

I could not believe the amount of money they made, or at least that they bragged about. Beastie Boys were out in 87 with License to Ill, so white people rapping was nothing new. And this was way before Eminem or Insane Clown Posse who I had in my class and I flunked them both in the ninth grade. The skinny one had drawn a evil looking clown on his notebook, and it looked like it was on the back of a circus tent. So he asked me, “What do you think, Mr. K???”

And I told him, “You should go join the circus boy, because you’re crazy if your think your going to pass my class.”






I studied the hip hop scene and heard the names that every other white rapper was using at the time, Ice this and Ice that, and everything was very generic. But I wanted to do something completely different, genuine, and rapping if you were successful paid a hell of a lot more than teaching. Plus entertaining wasn’t even a real job, and teaching was.

That night I watching tv and the verdict on the police who beat Rodney King had come in and the police were all innocent, the inner-city started rioting because somebody caught the beating on video, which was really new at the time. And then it hit me; that’s what I could bring to the rap world, hatred.

What do black people hate more than slavery?

Being called the “N” world.

But what else do they hate?

Being ripped off.

Having a white motherfucker rip them off.

Being a white man gave me an edge, I had 30+ IQ points (minimum) over the average mother fucker, plus being a white rapper who perpetrated to be a racist? Now that edge was razor sharp.

White Devil, was born.

White Devil

“White Devil” was just a shtick of course, and it done very tongue-in-cheek, I was never a racist, then or now, I just needed a gimmick, because I didn’t have a voice, I couldn’t sing, I couldn’t rap, I didn’t play an instrument, but I was a very, very offensive,  a complete smart-ass and rhythm curse words faster than anyone else on the planet, plus I actually had a college degree in English.

When I used a lot of $50 words;  I knew what they meant, and I could do so in the right context, structure and syntax. Most other rappers couldn’t even pronounce the words correctly, “I wanna Axe you something?”

I could legitimately humiliate a rapper while still sounding ghetto. I would even ask a mother fucker by asking him for the definition of a word he just used, and he didn’t know,

What does trepidation mean?

They were stunned that I would even ask?

What are you an English major???

Except they didn’t say it like that.

The “White Devil” character was shameful but hilarious, I created a whole backstory, Apparently he claimed to be apart of the master race from a foreign land and spoke with a phony German accent that he would frequently forget during his bogus interviews, but nothing he ever claimed could ever be verified and the details were always sketchy at best.

White Devil’s controversy started by proclaiming that RAP was created by country folk singer Johnny Cash way back in 1962 with the song “I’ve been everywhere Man,” and that a member of the Sugar Hill Gang or some other long forgotten one hit wonder, stole the idea from Cash, a poor, southern white boy, with a speech impediment and claimed it as their own.

The Black Man stole RAP from the White Man, just like everything else, and not the other way around!



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