What Everyone Can’t Do


See the Picture Now Here’s the Caption: Russian Hackers are the biggest threat to American Way of Life

  1. Do not file, you have no say how your taxes are being spent, and its your money. Ex. International Welfare. Financial Aid to Harvard etc.
  2. Do not work with police, keep your mouth shut and sue them for every encounter, even if its only a traffic ticket. Then you file a complaint against the officer. Ex. 9 year old girl, just got pepper sprayed while being handcuffed in the back of a police car.
  3. Do not use social medial like Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, Tic-Toc, remember you have the power, not them. MySpace and Blockbuster thought they were invincible too.
  4. Do not watch the propaganda news, Fox, NBC, ABC, OAN, none of them, they are all corporate owned propaganda. The only real news are people who were there and recorded it with there camera phone and uploaded it to the internet.
  5. Do not watch the Superbowl. Stop watching professional Sports. Football, Baseball, Basketball, Boxing, Hockey, EVERYTHING.
  6. Do not order Mixed Martial Arts on PPV. Stop going to the movies, do NOT go see Mission Impossible 7 or rent James Bond 58 on Net-flicks. Its the same tired shit and your supporting that decadent lifestyle. Read a book, or learn a skill instead.
  7. Do not go Hungry. Learn how to be self sufficient. Grown your own food or at least store it. You want to know whats more valuable than Gold… FOOD.
  8.  Do not underestimate yourself. Get involved in local government. You want to change the system you have to BE the system.
  9. Do not be intimidated. Buy a gun and learn how to use it.
  10. Do not work for the Government, they will ALWAYS fuck you over. FBI, CIA, IRS, NSA. Flouride in the water. Chemtrails. Congress voting themselves raises after voting to eliminate your job.

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