I am a writer by trade, and formally educated. I do not stick with one genre or limit myself to any one particular style. My only goal is to be original. If I tell you about something that you've never heard of before, than I've done my job. Everything I write, I try to write straight from the heart. All my stores are from my own unique personal experiences, so even my fiction is based on some fact, and hopefully everyone can relate to my straight-forwarding story telling.
I have a message and I do not want it lost in the words so my oversimplification is done on purpose, my adult material comes across so simply that a child could understand it. I honestly believe my short stories are the best, but I have a novel that I have worked on for a long time and now it is for sale.

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Author: rath1967

Professional writer and novelist. College Graduate Communications 25 Years Computer Graphics and Art Genius IQ Eidetic Memory Test Tube Baby Used to Bull Eye WAMPRATS in my T-16 back in Beggars Canyon Favorite Quote to a Woman: Shhhh, No More Talking.....