Chapter 8: Dessert at Tiffany’s



“Tiffany who, Mark played dumb.”
“You know damn well Tiffany who, Jeanie approached him and raised her finger to his face, “That slut Tiffany Tyler, Jeanie said angrily.”
“Tiffany Tyler, Mark shook his head, why would you bring her up, Mark asked?
“Because I see her dropping a pencil, every time she knows your behind her, as an excuse to “shop-short” and then bend over in front of you, and she always wears her hair up, and she’s the only reason you’re asking me to wear mine the same way.”
Mark had always preferred woman to wear their hair up for him, and when he saw how good Tiffany looked, he did want Jeanie to wear hers the same way. Not because it reminded her of Tiffany, but because Jeanie would look just as good, if not better than she already did to him now.
“Is that what this is all about, I can’t believe your jealous of Tiffany Tyler, she’s not even in your same league Mark said laughing.”
“It’s not funny Mark, Jeanie Jeanie said ready to cry.”
“Oh yes, it is.”
“That fucking bitch is asking for it, Jeanie said, holding up her hands up like a panther claw, she was meant to look dangerous, but to Mark she was comically adorable.”
“Mark kept laughing but now even harder at the gesture.”
Jeanie saw her “Panther Hands” and then hid them behind her back as if embarrassed.
Jeanie wanted to stay mad, but she couldn’t, Mark had both love, amusement and pity in his eyes.
Silly Girl.
“You don’t think she’s prettier than me, Jeanie asked shyly?”
“No, she’s not half as good looking as you are and your body is way better than hers, even Tiffany knows that, Mark, said.”
“But her legs are longer than mine, Jeanie said quickly, I mean she’s taller. She’s tall like you, Jeanie said.”
“That doesn’t make her more attractive, I don’t like tall girls Jeanie.”
“But she’s blond, and blondes are very popular, Jeanie continue.”
“She not even a natural blond, and she has to wear a ton of make-up, you don’t, You’re a natural beauty.”
“I am, Jeanie blushed, Mark always knew what to say to make Jeanie feel better about her insecurities.”
“Then why is she so popular with all the guys, Jeanie asked confused.”
Mark thought back to the first blow-job Tiffany had giving him.
“Not with me, he said.”
“I just don’t understand how such a bitch like Tiffany, can be so popular.”
“She’s popular for all the wrong reasons, Mark countered.”
“She’s disgusting, Jeanie said, I didn’t want to wear my hair up in that style because I thought it would remeind me of her, because you thought it looked cute on her, Jeanie pouted.”
“And this is why woman will never rule the world, Mark replied.”
Now, even Jeanie laughed, and nodded.
You got me on that one!!!
“Now, will you wear your hair for me, Mark asked.”
“No, I tried it before and when I did I looked like “Pebbles,” from the Flintstones cartoon show.”
The baby?
No, when they were teenagers, Jeanie said.
Oh, the “Pebbles and Bam-Bam Show,” he repeated.
Right when she used the bone, Jeanie nodded.
“You do look like “Pebbles the Teenager,” and that’s why I want you to wear it up.”
“I’m serious Mark, she said.”
“So am I, Jeanie, he replied.”
“You want me to use a bone to keep my hair up too?”
“Well, pull it up with your hands first, so I can gauge what it looks like, Mark asked.”
Jeanie pulled her hair up with her two hands which unintentionally pushed out her two extremely large breasts. The effect mesmerized Mark, and Jeanie saw his mouth open and his eyes light up as he nodded vacantly.

Men, Jeanie thought, and then she let her hair go.
“Yes, I want you to wear it up.”
Well, I haven’t decided yet.
You have a beautiful face and that style would really accent its beauty.
Tiffany would tell everyone I’m imitating her style, Jeanie complained.
Yes, but you’d be beating her at her own game.
I just need time to think about it, and I don’t want you pressuring me.
It would showcase your freckles too, he teased.
You have cinnamon freckles splattered down your neck, and shoulders.
That why I never wear a halter, she replied.
“But the biggest concentration of freckles is on your chest, he said matter-of-factually.”
“What, Jeanie screamed horrified?”
Both sides.
“It is gross Mark?
No, I love them.
Its okay, you can tell me but she begged him to say “No” she wasn’t gross, with her eyes.
“No, I love your freckles, and if I ever get tired of hearing you complain about them, I can always distract myself by playing “connect the dots” on your huge ass, and then started laughing.
“Your disgusting, Jeanie replied, trying not to cry.”
“I love your big ass, Mark assured her.”
“Well Tiffany has a big ass too, Jeanie followed up suddenly concerned again.”
“Yea, but she doesn’t have the freckles, Mark said.”
“How would you know, Jeanie asked?”
“She’s not a redhead, only redheads have freckles, Mark said.”
“That’s not true, Jeanie replied.”
“Well I didn’t see any on her last night after I left your house, Mark answered.”
Jeanie glared at him.
“Are you sure those weren’t blemishes, Jeanie she suddenly shot back?”
Mark laughed.
“Well, It was dark, he said.”
There was another silence, and then Jeanie looked at him, he had been patient with her, he hadn’t pressured her for sex the way most guys would. That’s what girlfriends were for, right? To have and too hold. To Love and to cherish???
Isn’t that what he was really trying to tell her, that he need her, and she had never really been there for him psychically or otherwise?
Now they were going into high-school.
“Look, I’m sorry for snapping at you, okay, she finally said.”
“Premenstrual, he asked?”
“No, I mean yes, but I was upset about Tiffany anyway, she confirmed.”
Mark sat back, “You always have multiple reason for the same emotion, and always so guraded…
“Look Mark, if this is about sex…”
“Then we can never talk about it, he finished.”
“This isn’t the right time, she said.”
There never will be a right time.
“Oh, I see, so your hinting that if I don’t have sex with you, Tiffany will, is that it, Jeanie said sitting up, fearing his response.”
“This isn’t about Tiffany, this is about us, I don’t want her, I want you, he confirmed.”
“Mark, I didn’t want to do this here, but I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, and maybe it’s wasn’t fair for you and me to have gotten involved so fast.”
“What are you saying, Mark asked, now he sat up as well.”
“I think we need a break, Jeanie said.”
“A break, he asked?”
“Yes, from each other, and then she started to cry.”
“A break as in “break-up,” he asked?”
“Yes, she said, tears were falling.”
“You want to break up with me, because I want to have sex with you?”
“Mark, please this is difficult enough, she said.”
“I want to hear you say it.”
“Mark, earlier you joked that you would never be my slave, Jeanie said.”
“Good, because I would never let you, Jeanie replied.”
“What the hell are you talking about, have you gone crazy?”
“Do you remember the first day we met, she asked?”
“Yes, I do, it was a Monday…”
I was afraid that if I refused to give you my number that first day at school, when you asked me, that you would have hated me for rejecting you, and I didn’t want to make an enemy my first day, so…”
“Pathetic, Mark said.”
“What’s pathetic, Jeanie asked.”



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“Your attempt to break up with me, and then have me think that it was my fault in the first place?”
“No, Mark that’s not it. I just felt pressured is all, I knew that you would try and manipulate me into having sex by using guilt and jealously. But now rather than you becoming hateful or resentful towards me for thinking that your missing out on something, I would rather you just go out and do with some other girl…
“Like Tiffany, he said?”
Jeanie winced, “I would rather have you break up with me, rather than have you cheat on me behind my back, because I’m not ready to have sex with you, yet, okay?”
“That’s noble of you Jeanie, especially considering how you feel about Tiffany, Mark said.”
“I am a strong woman, and my principals will not be comprised, I avoided this conversation for far too long, but maybe I was wrong, And it’s not fair to you. I don’t know anymore, I’m… confused, I don’t know what to say or think and I want to go home, where I can be alone, she sobbed.”
“At least tell me the real reason you want to break up with me, he asked.”
“That is the real reason, she said.”
“Fucking Liar, he yelled.”
“Don’t yell at me, she warned.”
“Fucking liar, he repeated in a normal tone.”
“Don’t curse at me either.”
“Okay, you’re so good at seeing what other people miss, you tell me the real reason then, she said.”
“Jeanie, you’re good at exposing the truth regarding everyone else, but that perception is used to divert the same truth away from you.”
“Maybe I just discovered that were not right for each other, that’s all, she said.”
“Based on what, Mark raised his voice again.”
Jeanie flinched.
“Based on a kiss, Jeanie said breaking down completely, and crying miserable. She tried to cover her face with both hands.
“What kiss, he grabbed her arms and pulled them away from each her face, “What the fuck are you talking about, Mark asked confused?”
“You won’t understand Jeanie said; frustrated, shaking her head.”
“Then why don’t you translate it for me from your Book of Wicca, Mark asked.”
“Wicca, what are you talking about, Jeanie asked?”
“You and your little black book of spells, isn’t that what your hiding, what you’ve alway been hiding.”
“Maybe you just cast one spell too many, and got yourself into trouble, he baited her?”
“What do you think, you know, Jeanie asked cooly?” “That you practice witchcraft, Mark asked.”
“Who told you that, Tiffany?”
“Tiffany has nothing to do with this, he said.”
“She’s calls me a witch, that’s why you accuse me so.”
“Seems to me like she has an instinct for people too.”
“Oh, you favor her do you, Jeanie asked?”
“At least she’s not afraid to fight for what she wants, Mark said.
I knew you liked her, Jeanie said shaking her head. And I know that you were with her, filthy tramp.

Is that the real reason your breaking up with me, Mark said?”
“I’m just trying to protect you, Jeanie said.”
“Protect me from who Tiffany?”
“No, from me, and Jeanie wept again.”
“I’ll make it easy for you then, if you can swear, by your God, or Devil, or whatever the fuck you worship, that you don’t love me, I’ll leave, and never bother you again, Mark promised.”
“It’s because I do love you that I’m trying to break up with you, Jeanie said trying to turn away from him.”
But Mark wouldn’t let her. He picked her up and put her in his lap.
Stop running from me you little bitch.
“It’s not real love Mark, Jeanie said, its was conjured, artificial.”
“Don’t tell me what I feel, Mark said, I know what’s real and what isn’t.”
“You activated the spell, the illusion from that stolen kiss, Jeanie said sobbing.”
“Spell, what spell, Mark asked?”
“On the driveway… the first day…. remember, she spat?”
“The wasp, you tricked me, remember, she said?”
“Your first kiss, he asked?”
That was not my first kiss, you idiot, Jeanie interrupted him.
Your just mad cuz I tricked you so easy, Mark reminisced.
“Yes, I mean No…”
“Okay, wait, you want me to believe that my kiss activated a love spell like in a twisted, psychotic fairy-tale; sleeping beauty… who woke up after a hundred years.”
It wasn’t a hundred years…
How do you know, if you have never been kissed before?
Fairy tales are based on Wicca rituals and not the other way around, and you don’t even know what the hell your talking about, Jeanie raised her voice.
You talk just like a woman in love, crazy with lust one second then testing me by trying to pawn me off on your enemy the next…”
No, Jeanie said confused, she was crying, trying not to laugh, and angry, with emotions that were overlapping and building from the momentum.
“Right, Jeanie laughed and then immediately started crying again, I begged you not to follow me home, because I knew you were going to do something stupid,
“Stupid, why was it stupid, he asked?”
She sobbed.
“It’s not your fault, I never should have knocked on your door that day, but I was just so desperate and lonely, I didn’t know anybody, both my parents worked. When I saw your last name on the mailbox, just for a moment I hesitated. I’m so sorry I darkened your doorway and got you involved, an outisider. A non-believer.
“What, Mark asked?”
I just couldn’t help myself, I was so scared. I didn’t want to even go to the store by myself, Jeanie said, shaking her head.”
“Jeanie, I’m the one who approached you after class, and not the other way around, remember, Mark asked her.”
“It doesn’t matter, Jeanie said.”
“Yes, it does, if I never asked you for your number, then you would never have known my last name.”
No, I waited after class, I baited you.
Baited me?
Yes, when I saw you, you reminded me of someone else. Someone from my old school. You were handsome, and I tried not to even look at you, I was that embarrassed.
Jeanie, I wanted you as soon as I saw you too, but at first it was only because of your development …
Its not mine, Jeanie replied.
What thier fake is that why you never want me to touch them, he asked?”
That was Mark, a genius one second and a fool the next.
No idiot they’re not fake, why do they look fake, Jeanie suddenly looked panicked, and then she swayed her chest to watch them bounce and jiggle to make sure they moved naturally.
“No, they don’t look fake, Mark, said seriously.”
“I wish they were, she said sadly.
Why, he asked?
“I was never meant to have them, she said.”
“That’s how I knew you practiced Wicca, Mark replied.
“What, she asked?”
Jeanie jumped off his lap to study him.
“Do you also remember that first day in eighth grade, when you asked me, what had me distracted?”
“Yes, Jeanie answered.”
“I had a “vision” about you, and in my thoughts, I saw you in a circle of woman; and you were in the middle. It looked like you were on trial for something.”
Jeanie closed her eyes, Oh God Mark, please don’t say another word, she thought to herself. I’m going to scream!!!
“On trial for doing something, breaking one of their rules. Rules of the… coven. And they were deciding whether or not you could stay. You did something, or performed something, a incantation -right?
Jeanie was horrified, her eyes were wide. Her hands covered her mouth.
And something went… wrong.
Mark looked away, very wrong.”
Jeanie held her breath, she thought maybe she was going to be hysterical. She wanted to black out, lose consciousness, whatever it took to escape.
“Someone else got hurt as a result, no it was worse than that, someone ….”
Stop, she screamed.
Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, and then Jeanie started hitting herself.
Mark grabed her to stop her and would not stop her as she wailed hysterically.
He held her until she calmed down.
It was an accident, I never meant for anyone to get hurt, Jeanie sobbed miserable.
I know Jeanie, you’re not a mean-spirited person, you were desperate, because you wanted to be loved.”
You don’t know the half of it, she said miserable.
Will you tell me one day, he asked?
“How long have you known, Jeanie whispered to him hoarsely, her stomach was queasy, her stomach was empty otherwise she would have thrown-up.
“Ever since that first day you sat next to me in class, Mark answered, so when I told you that you had me distracted, I meant it Jeanie, and I have been every since, he smiled.
Now the images of Janice her former superior came back to her, and the curse she bestowed was remembered:
“Jeanie the product of your womb will be rotten, no man will ever love thee, unless your crime of passion is revealed to you by your one true-est. If a man is ever to exist, you yourself will not be able to recognize him, and only after he reveals himself to you shall you know of him. If there is to be a redemption, if will be through him, and him alone.”
“You’re the one, Jeanie said amazed, confused, and horrified, but most of all relieved, and all at the same time.”
Mark looked at her and he seemed very embarrassed about the way he revealed her past.
The one, he asked?
“You just fulfilled the prophecy.”
What prophecy, Mark asked confused?”
“My soul mate would reveal himself to me, by exposing my sin, Jeanie said, that’s you Mark, because… you just did, Jeanie said looking dazed!!!”
Jeanie had a silly smile on her face, she seemed semi-conscious. Hypnotized, mesmerized, entranced, sexy. Vulnerable.
It was dark now, but Mark sensed that they were not alone, not completely. Otherwise he might have tried to undress her right there, separate her legs and empty himself between her legs while she was still babbling.
“I’m sorry, I called you a witch Jeanie, but I wanted you to tell me the truth, I had to hear you say it or I never would have been able to let you go.”
“I was trying to break up with you because I felt like I tricked you into falling in love with me …and after what happened before, if anything happened to you….I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if anything happened to you, Jeanie said in tears.”
Mark went in to hug her, and she held him tightly.
Jeanie was sobbing almost hysterically again, but this time the sound was different, it had the sound of someone who had found some solace, relief and peace and was exhausted. She had not had any in such a very long time.
Jeanie, I don’t understand your religion, but one day I hope you share your beliefs with me, otherwise we are going to keep having misunderstandings. You kept this from me for so long, and now look at us, fighting and on the verge of a break up.
“How could I tell you when I was so ashamed, I thought you would hate me, how could love a woman like me… who did that.”
I saw in my “Mind’s Eye” that it was an accident, you never have to convince me, I…. saw it for myself.
Mark shook his head, the conversation wasn’t making any sense, “Jeanie, I loved you the very first moment I saw you, and that’s why I kissed you that first day because I already knew you were my soul-mate.  And I didn’t need any magic spell to convince me of that either, Mark confirmed.”
“You found me, Mark, I never thought it possible, Jeanie said.”
“I just wish it would have been possible for you to have believed me before I told you about my vision, Mark said, it would have saved us both a lot of time.”
“No, Mark, it would not have been possible, there was no way for you to confirm yourself otherwise, she said?”
“Jeanie, I never told anybody about my “visions,” not even my parents, I was afraid that if I did, they would take me to a shrink, and everybody would think I was crazy.”
“You’re not my love, Jeanie whispered.”
“My mother is bi-polar, do you know what that means, he asked?
“I’ve heard of it, she said.”
“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her, but my dad keeps her medicated to control her. If I ever told him about my visions, he would have me medicated, because he’s a control freak, and I don’t think that he cares about anyone except himself. You have to promise me you will never tell anyone about my visions, he said.”
“I promise, she said.”
“That’s why I try, and act “perfect,” like I have all the answers even when I don’t, its because of him. But I’m not perfect and never will be.
“You never have to be someone you’re not with me because your perfect just the way you are, Jeanie said compassionately.”
“I had another vision, I need you to promise me something, he said gravely.”
“Yes, what it it, she asked?”
“Promise me that you’ll never let them lock me up, he said absolutely serious, and then he turned pale white.”
“I promise, she said.”
“If you have any powers use them to save me, he begged her.”
“With my very life, she confirmed.”
“I can’t live without you, he said.”
“I can’t live without you either, she replied.”
“I love you, Jeanie.”
“I love you too, Soul Mate.”
And then he kissed her.
Both were exhausted, “We covered so much ground today, can we stop and rest now, he asked?”
She nodded, and raised her head, the sky had gotten very dark, but Jeanie felt like she was glowing. She didn’t need the sun, she had Mark now. It was past her curfew and she would probably be in trouble, but even that would have to wait.
Mark helped her up, and they collected their things. On the walk home, holding hands, she said, Mark I know you don’t believe in what I believe in, and I do not expect you to join my religion, nor would I ever ask you, but you are gifted and have potential, you are truly Wicca. You have astounded me with your revelation today, who knows, maybe one day, you yourself will be a believer.”
“I doubt it, he laughed.”
Jeanie laughed too.
He looked at her, and for the first time since he met her, he could finally see the same love in her eyes that he had for her in his own.

To be continued…


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