After the current school year passed, Mark and Jeanie spend most of their time at the beach. Mainly because Mark’s parents’ were home after work and they did not have a lot of privacy. So they retreated to the semi-private beach instead, that was semi-public. Semi-public meant that it was only supposed to be accessed by the homeowners, but many non-homeowners crashed it as well, especially on the week-ends. You never actually knew who were the relatives of the homeowners in the neighborhood, so anybody could make up a name and say they were visiting such and such.

Many people who lived near the area were boat-owners themselves, and the beach with its white sands and blue water could be both romantic and secluded. It was a natural magnate so how could you blame them?

Even at the end of August the water was still warm enough to swim in, and during the late summer in the evening Mark and Jeanie would sometimes have the entire beach to themselves.
Sometimes when it was quiet, and they were alone Mark felt like he and Jeannie were the only two people on earth, it was a nice illusion. And if Jeanie was that only other person that would be fine with him.
Mark finally talked Jeanie into wearing a bikini for him providing they were alone at the beach. She agreed only if there was no one else there to watch her strip down to it.
Jeanie remove her shorts and shirt in the water and Mark would carry them back to the beach, otherwise all bets were off. Being seen in a bikini was one thing, taking her clothes off to reveal one, was something else, but after that she was fine. Mark would tease her that she could never be stripper, and Jeanie just gave him a dirty look for even suggesting such a inappropriate profession.

Under different circumstances she warned him that she would have slapped his face.

Besides it wasn’t the “nakedness” but the “undressing” the always made Jeanie feel self-conscious.
To Mark watching Jeanie take off her clothes and reveal herself, was like unwrapping a Christmas Present even time she did it.
Jeanie in a one-piece could still outshine most other women who wore bikinis because of her looks and figure. She would wind up stealing the show without even competing. The first-time Mark saw her in a bikini his jaw hit the ground and he thought that his eyes were going to pop out of his head. She would never wear just a bikini back at his private pool because of his parents.

One-day Mark brought a “Nerf” Frisbee that was especially made for the water, because it floated on top of the water. So, he and Jeanie could play “catch.”
Mark couldn’t aim it very well, as it was made of plastic-sponge, so it was a clumsy device and his aim was “lousy” at best, and even thou he didn’t mean too, he kept throwing high and Jeanie had to jump up to catch it.
When she landed she had to keep adjusting her bikini cups to make sure she was still in them. She might have looked great, but he knew the weight of her breasts bouncing was painful, and he apologized each time afterward to let Jeanie know that he wasn’t doing it on purpose.
Finally, Mark suggested that they move closer together so that they would have less of a problem.
Then Mark noticed a small motorized boat had crept up on them; silent running. Apparently two guys had been watching them for some unknown amount of time, and one of them even had a pair of binoculars. When Mark noticed what they were doing he waddled towards Jeanie protectively.



Copyrighted by Jason Gabriel Kondrath 2017

Copyrighted by Jason Gabriel Kondrath 2017