The Life and Death of Bruce Lee

The Life and Death of Bruce Lee was a two part article, written by Albert Goldman, for Penthouse Magazine in 1983.

The first part was called The Deadliest Man on the Planet,  presented by Penthouse in their January Issue of that year. The second part, His Final Victim followed in February.

Penthouse themselves got the Name of the Article wrong, by calling it The Secret Life and Death of Bruce Lee, and even printed that title instead, with the word secret on both the January and follow-up issue.



Originally thought to be a tribute piece because it was released ten years after his death, it would have been an excellent time to celebrate his life and reflect on the impact that Lee had, not only on the Martial Arts Community, but the entire world.

Instead it was one of the most scathing biographies ever written. And up until this date, there had never been a bad remark (let alone article), printed about Lee, or made by anyone who had ever known him personally.

Both parts are presented here on my website for your viewing. Each part has its own separate Page, but both are included in the Menu with additional links to other source material.

Part One

The Life and Death of Bruce Lee

The Deadliest Man on the Planet



Part Two

The Life and Death of Bruce Lee: Part Two

His Final Victim