A collection of horror stories, Erotic Novella, Scathing Satire and Commentary.


  1. Fifteen Seconds​                             (Horror Short Story)
  2. 2063: Mandatory Death Penalty​    (Commentary)
  3. Blue is the New Gray​                     (Fantasy Short Story)
  4. Crazy, not a Fool​
  5. Parable of the Hornet​
  6. 2045: Professional Lactators        (Commentary)
  7. Personal References​                    (Satire)
  8. Malcolm XY​                                  (Satire Short Story)
  9. Parable of the Snake​
  10. Raising Cain​
  11. Message to the “Damned”​          (Commentary)
  12. Spider Furnace​                           (Horror Short Story)
  13. Thrasher​                                     (Horror Short Story)
  14. Waitress Wanted                         (Satire)
  15. ​Two Drink Minimum​                    (Satire)
  16. White Devil​                                 (Satire)
  17. Turtle and the Fish                     (Parable)
  18. Prisons, the end of an Institution
  19. List of Sanctuary Cities who defy the Law
  20. Tick Tock                                   (Horror Short Story)
  21. Happy Trails​

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