Tessa Fowler

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Name: Tessa Nicole Fowler
Status: Single <3
Location: Lexington South Carolina
Hobbies: shopping. hanging out. and cheerleading. i occasonally surf.
Interests: look above.


Colors: pink.. its more than a color its an attitude
Top 5 bands/artists: Jesse McCartney ((hes so fine)) Green Day.. Blood brothers.. Simple plan.. Emery
Top 5 movies: thirteen.. sliding doors.. forest gump.. ever after.. butterfly effect


Your best feature: my eyes. people tell me there beautiful.

Gay Marrage: gay marrage is not bad to me because my aunt is gay and i have a different out look than others but from what i know about it we should respect different people the same way.

Drugs/Alcohol: drugs are bad and i have no clue what the deal is with them because you see in the news everyday about people either dying from them or getting busted from them. and alcohol is not bad when you dont do it often but if it were an everyday thing then that can break your family. like my dad. he got divorced twice because of his drinking problem (proably the best thing my mom ever did )

Tessa Fowler is from South Carolina. She worked as a waitress at Hooters in Columbia, SC. She began modeling in 2011 and made her debut appearance in Playboys November issue representing the University of South Carolina for ‘Girls of the SEC’.

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1st Issue Tessa was In

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If you only buy Playboy you might have another reason to pick up the men’s mag today if you live in Lexington. Native Tessa Fowler will be gracing a special Playboy pictorial in the iconic magazine’s November issue.

Fowler, who currently works as a Hooters Girl at Hooters of North Columbia, is one of 26 young women featured in the November “Girls of the SEC” issue, representing the University of South Carolina. The issue is the first to feature the conference’s beauties since 2007. She is representing USC.

“This past spring, Playboy photographers set out to find college students who are hotter than the Southeast’s tailgate barbecues to appear in the magazine’s annual salute to the sexiest student bodies,” states a release from the publication.


Alternate Cover of Same Issue

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Playboy photographer, of Kinston, N.C., remembers her well from a photo shoot earlier this year for the 15th Annual Hooters Regional Swimsuit Pageant — The Road to Miami 2011, held in Myrtle Beach.
The photograph said, “I found out about Playboy the night I met Tessa, back in May, 2011,” recalls Jarman in an email to Patch. “We were talking about doing a photo shoot together, maybe on the beach in Myrtle Beach. She told me she was being considered for the Girls of the SEC issue, which she originally thought would come out in October. She seemed excited but somewhat in awe of the idea of even being considered.

Tessa Fowler

2nd Issue of Playboy with Tessa

Tessa Fowler Inside
Aliases: Tessa Rich
Cup size: 34F
Birth-date: January 23, 1992 (27 years old)
Model Rank: 141 ↓
Categories: Slim  Naturals  F CupShe moved to California, and has modeled under her own name at Cosmid after she modeled for Playboy.
Tessa was naturally beautiful with a dynamic personality but she was seen frequently drinking while hosting her own web shows. Its a little known fact that she was arrested for drinking at the age of 20.
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