Terrorists Tax Excemptions

Open Letter

In Detroit, a major city that’s 90 percent African American, there are no black-owned grocery stores.


Detroit is 90% Black why aren’t there any Party Stores owned by African Americans, why is it that every liquor store is owned by someone from another country who doesn’t even speak English!!!

“It’s unbelievable, it really is,” Walker, a Detroit councilman says.

How did we get to this point? And if the majority of the city’s residents are black, but they don’t own the stores.
Most of Detroit’s approximately 80 grocery stores are owned by Chaldeans, a country in the middle-east that does not even exist anymore. They are people who migrated to Iraq, Iran, and Turkey.

I have seen Burger King’s franchises, dollar stores, and sidewalk malls all go out of business, but NEVER one party store in the worst area of War Zone Detroit.


I’m returning now from being in Gatlinburg. (Tennessee). I was shocked to notice that many of the shops are replaced by new ones. The owners have foreign accents. I would guess 80% are now run by Arabic Pakistanis and even Russia! I asked one lady where she was from and she said Ukraine.

I asked 2 other shop owners where they were from: Ukraine. I joked “Did you folks buy up the whole left side of Gatlinburg?” She said with barely veiled hatred and disdain, “Yeah, pretty much”.

The Arabs are very unlikable by nature, even when they were transplanted here back in the 70’s under the Jimmy Carter Administration. They were suspicious and hostile, and feared that they would not be hired by the white man due to racism, cultural, religious, and language barriers.

Foriegners wanted to own their own businesses, so they did not have to depend on the white man to survive.

But what if they opened a business and it failed???

Secretly, a tax exemption was given to all foreigners (mostly Arabs) in the 70’s for 7 years, under the Jimmy Carter Administration. It flouished in Dearborn, Mi and that is why Dearborn today, has the highest concentration of Arabs in the United States. 2nd only to the middle east in the world.

I spoke to a woman in another busy shop and after awhile she  began to open up a little. She said the town was being bought up by a rich lawyer called Joe Baker and that he is renting the shops out to foreigners because they can afford higher rent since they don’t have to pay income taxes for 5 years.

She said the foreigners change the business name and sell it to a relative and it continues tax free for 5 more years.

I thought it was seven. It doesn’t matter because when you do not pay taxes and the tax exception is extended forever, they never pay income taxes, and that gives them an unfair advantage.

I left and went to another store, they were in a cluster, I tried to talk to others, but most refused to talk to me. Everyone seemed afraid but finally one woman spoke up with an attitude of careless determination and told us that the Chamber of Commerce was all Iranians.

These are the people who infiltrate the American Government to push policies that are radical and illegal.

I asked what the religious affiliation of most of the foreigners was — they said: MUSLIM!!!!

Then she walked away, the others looked at her and each other nervously.

These people who contribute nothing are destroying Gatlinburg, and the rest of the United States from the inside out.

There are people who refuse to believe this!!!

That’s why aren’t there any party stores owned by African Americans???

Don’t tell me its because their rich, and they moved to America because this is their slice of the American Dream. They hate American, and they hate waiting on the whites and blacks, anyone outside their own culture.

If you were rich in another country why would you come to Detroit, to open a business in the “Murder Capital of the World???”

Detroit is a war zone. That’s why the Arabs in dear born have bullet proof glass over their counters.

“Businesses run by people living in the community brings a sense of empowerment and pride. But it’s often a different story in Detroit’s largely Chaldean-owned stores (or those of any race or nationality — When a store’s ownership and management hauls its profits to the suburbs – as is often the case in Detroit – the neighborhood economy loses.

Some of Detroit’s supermarkets are notorious for relabeling expiration dates, selling low quality or spoiled products, and maintaining an unappealing environment.

In an ideal world, none of this would be an issue because people of different races and cultures would live in the same neighborhood, but Detroit is highly segregated, thus, we’re led back to the broken local economy cycle. But this is all done by design.

“I can’t live in a goverment with ISIS, I can live in a christian government based on the American Constitution. That is where peace is. No Muslim wants to live where Isis lives, but when we come to the West and try to warn the Intelligence Agencies that the people we fled from, and about their agenda’s.

They accuse us of being traitors, and we are the racists, and tell us the extremists need to be understood. And sooner than later they are encouraged, financed, promoted and in power Omar and Rashida are the result in an effort to undermine and eliminate the Christian Religion. That was their sole purpose from the beginning.” They want to replace Religion with Secularism.”

-Mohammad Tawhidi

The Intelligence agencies are very well aware of who is coming into this country and why. They orchastrate these unfair practices so that the populace will hate the foreigners just like Hitler did with the Jews.

Because they allow it to happen, that’s why.

The public is being manipulated into hating. Ilhan Abdullahi Omar is a Somali-hating Anit American put in place by the CIA, and falsely serving as the U.S. Representative for Minnesota’s 5th congressional district. Her policies are anti-american and islamic terrorist sympathisizing.

We have a hundred senators and 435 House of Representatives, but Omar is always in the news, and that is not by accident. Neither is Kamala Harris.

Now the CIA, who are the secret police for the deep state, can undermine any legitatmate law enformement agencies, on the local level.

The CIA and FBI do now work for the United States, they work for the banking cartel, so does the media. We are in a never ending war, to justify their own existence, and increase the ever expanding “black” budget.

The Jews never fight their own battles but they constantly start fights all over the middle east. As soon as the President talks about bringin the troops home, there is another attack by that country to keep us in.

That is not a coincedence.

We have never even talked to the Palatians.What do you know about these people other than the fact that the Jews hate them???

Do you know what the word Zionist means???

You should start doing your own research.


Thank You for Being Here!!!