Ten Commandments to Destroy Illuminati.

I. Believe in Jesus Christ (Not Religious Organizations)

Remember this phrase, you may need it soon.

I command thee in the name of Jesus Christ…

I do not advocate religion, Catholic or otherwise, but I say go to the source, One God, Our Lord Jesus Christ. I do not support any church. But you have to believe in God.
George Bush Jr. stood up in front of the entire world and said “God told me to go to War,” what God was that? The Christian God of “Thou shalt not Kill?”

You ask them specifically, “Do you mean/accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal savior?”

The One Dollar Bill says, “In God We Trust,” the deception is that the evil money lenders (Federal Reserve), who loans money to our government believe that the Devil and Lucifer Doctrines, as their God.

The power of witchcraft comes from the Demons that
possess that person, not the person themselves.

I’ve been told that the people in power sold their souls to the devil after joining Secret Societies.

Their New World Order is a one world order government controlled by the Satanic Bankers. They have complete this first before the devil can taken control of it, as noted in the bible.

Remember Secret in Secret Societies. Nothing good comes from being secretive. It is not the common good, otherwise why hide it? Secrecy is used to hide Evil and its as simple as that.

II. Safe Passage

These people who are in the Secret Societies desperately want to get out. They do not have a safe-house. It’s like testifying against the mob, but all the guards, police agencies, and judges are in on it.

III. Expose Everything

Expose everything first and then come out, like Edward Snowdon, it doesn’t matter if they kill him because the damage is done.

IV. Corporationalize

Make yourself a corporation, its easy, and it just a legal term. Corporations have the rights as human beings. You and your lawyer can form a Corporation with just the two of you. If you have a lawsuit against the government, they will try to break you with the waiting game.

There are celebrities who sue their record companies like Michael Jackson and Prince, who wind up dead after they win their lawsuit. You you wind up dead you want the lawsuit to continue, or the money to be dispersed to family members, or even a worthy charity like Wounded Warriors, DON’T you let them make a fool of you, even in death you make that company or government agency PAY, whether your alive to see the victory or not.

V. Individual

This might sound like a complete contradiction after Number 4, but you need to think for yourself, as an individual, many things like Sandy Hook are hoaxes to stir up limits of ammunition, automatic weapons, ect.
No matter how you feel about gun laws, once the government takes it away you will NEVER get it back.

When they proposed taxes, do you think they started at almost 40%, which is what you’re paying now. Rich people like the Rothschild do NOT pay taxes. They have Trillions in underground vaults but you never hear of even one of their companies listed in the Fortune 500, and you never will.

The Rich get Richer, because the system is set up that way. To keep the evil people in power. Is it any wonder that FBI stodge Comey stood up in front of the world and said, “Hillary Clinton is guilty of this and this and this and this…but were not going to prosecute.

This is what happens when you have one set of laws for the people and another set for people for the corrupt evil like Hillary Clinton.

VI. Non-Violence

A lot of people are starting to lose it as the truth becomes more evident. Do NOT start to randomly kill people, like people in a pizzeria, or a Church. You have to use the system AGAINST the system. overtime you get a ticket, or get arrested, you fight it thru the courts, and appeal and appeal. Use the Judicial system against the Judicial system. Fight everything no matter how frivolous.

VII. Lawyers need to be the lesser of 2 Evils

Lawyers must get involved with citizens to teach constitutional Law and explain it in a way that is understandable to the common man. Save the mambo-jumbo for the courtrooms, don’t use it in the classroom. And you do this for free. Doctors, Teachers, Lawyers, Policeman and Politicians, believe it or not started out as Nobel Professions.
They were the Brightest who had the most potential and had the peoples best interest at heart. There was no greater honor than to be elected because it meant the people TRUSTED YOU.

Traditionally it used to be where the candidates elected had two jobs, a regular job, like a butcher or a mechanic, who also served as a Magistrate for the county because this man was known to be fair, and of good judgement. He was never just the magistrate, he owned a store, or ran a legitimate business in addition to his civil elected responsibilities.

VIII. Check and Balances

The Constitution by its definition has a check and balance system.
Illegal “Gestapo” Agencies like the FBI, CIA, IRS, DHS are all outside the police powers of the Constitution.
Which means they are illegal. They have no power. Lets take the CIA, they are basically legal criminals who work for the Government, they have an unlimited amount of money printed by the Federal Reserve, and answer to no one, they have no over-site, unlike the other branches of the Government, what could go wrong???

IX. Aliens

There are aliens. Belive it or not it doesn’t matter to me, they exist. We have jumped from the Horse and Buggy to the Rockets Ship within the same century. Forget our current century for just a moment. We have had more advancements in the 20th century than all the other centuries before it COMBINED.

Where did the microchip come from? One day I just read about it in a magazine like it always existed, and yet no one has ever taken credit for it. I think the Microchip has been the single biggest advancement since the Light bulb, yet we all know who invented the light-bulb.

Where do you think microchips, cell phone technology, fiber-optics, medical applications of lasers like lasik, and the conception of the Internet really came from if not Alien technology?

The Aliens are not trying to kill us, or even enslave us, (I didn’t NOT include Abductions). They could have done that a long, long time ago. Do you think they would ever give us a chance to actually be a threat to them in any capacity???

The government knows about aliens, and it doesn’t care if you know about them, but they will keep it a secret because the technology is a threat to the people in power. The people who control the government, satanic bankers. They have advanced technology can eliminate poverty, sickness, and hunger in one generation. But that means the people in power will no longer be rich anymore.

If you believe that we put a man on the moon, but do NOT believe that we can create anything more sophisticated than the gasoline engine, which is 140 years old by the way, then you deserve exactly what they are planning for you.

X. Depopulation

The police are under the control of FE MA now, they are funded with military equipment, and automatic weapons.

The soldiers who return from the illegal war in Iraq claim that the police are better protected as civilians, they they were as soldiers during the war.

9-11 was an inside job, a false flag operation designed to pass the Patriot Act and get us into a illegal war with Iraq.

Why are we still fighting that war, does anybody remember??? Its been so long, I’m not really sure so I had to look it up. Here’s the short answer, Depopulation.
There are too many people on the planet to control so they have to cut down the population with wars. I mentioned the Patriot Act because it was designed to fight the war on terror. Do you know who the “Domestic Terrorists” are as defined by the FBI website.

Anybody who speaks out against the United States Government.

They are poisoning our air with Chem Trails, our Water with (Sodium Floride), and Modify our food with GMO’S. They illegally collect information on everyone without probably cause, and that includes this website, just like they illegally wiretapped President Donald Trump when he was just a candidate.
Remember me saying that Non-Violence is the answer, that is only because I want to emphasis law over chaos, and life over death.

Unfortunately Violence will always be an option, and in this case the last resort.
My daddy told me, “You can’t reason with a Gristly Bear, a rabbit pit-bull or a psychopath.

What do you do when the United States Government violates the Constitution???
That means what do you do when you realize the government is breaking the Law, which they do on a daily basis.
Yes the government can make and make laws, that do NOT violate the constitution, but
remember this, the government did not give you your civil rights, the Constitution did!!!
When the Law (Constitution) fails to protect you then you have no choice but to take the Law protect yourself you exercising your second amendment from all terrorist foreign and domestic.