Tegan Brady 32GG Hotter than Hell

Tegan Brady

This girl was Savannah Boardley, a Hertfordshire native, who was contacted by the aforementioned company to play Emily’s sister role. A sexy blonde girl, who at 5 ft 2 became an internet sensation.

This cock-teaser renamed Tegan Brady never went nude but was only a tease model. Her main asset was her 32GG chest and was complemented by her charming  and unreal young looks.

She was doing topless, but always hiding her nipples. Fans complained that she needed to do porn. But instead of doing videos, she “retired” in less than a year, Tegan retired.

Boobsreal.com: How did you decide to work for candygirlscash as Tegan Brady?  Was it true that you posed the day you turned 18? I remember that Candygirls.com posted on its Facebook a pictures of you and Robyn Alexandra before launching your site.
Savannah: I was told that I would be glamour modelling in the style of nuts and zoo with a fansite. Clearly this wasn’t the case. It is true that my first photo set was on my 18th birthday yes. I did shoot with Robyn Alexandra when I was 17.
Boobsreal.com:In the “storyline” you were Emily Brady”s younger sister. Actually that was not true, right? Did you know the girl who portrayed Emily? What was the point of being sisters if you never posed together? Or something was planned and did not work out?
Savannah: No, ‘Emily’ is not my sister, there was never a plan for us to shoot together and I never met her. I dont know what the point of it was, maybe more fans? I dont know.
Boobsreal.com: Many fans will remember the “Brady sisters” as girls who went topless but never showed the nipples. Was it you call to not show them? Or it was the company who decided it?
Savannah: From the beginning Id always said that implied topless was my limit. Bearing in mind I was 17, I was totally not ready for anything further.
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