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Taurus at their worst are obsessed with their own comfort while compulsively spending money on their both physical and material desires (food and luxury items).

Well, these individuals have a huge appetite for everything – they just dislike working for it. Because they don’t want to be uncomfortable, they can become lazy and messy sometimes.

These people can be found at all hours of the day standing in front of a mirror trying to catch slight imperfections. They will then try a new-to-the-market topical cream to address those blemishes. What’s more?

For Taurians, nothing is above their self-respect. They are quick to get into revenge-mode if their ego is hurt. Keep in mind that the Bulls never forgive and forget, and obviously can’t take anybody insulting them at all.


Now, take a look at several Taurus bad traits, including a few negative qualities we’ve just mentioned in the earlier, as the following:

  • Stubbornness – Easy going and respectful, but Taurus can be stubborn and rigid in their approach. It is impossible to move them from their decisions once they’ve made up their mind.
  • Materialism – It is good to value money, yet Taurus born sometimes takes it too far and becomes frugal; maybe because future is extremely important for them.
  • Possessiveness – This is the major negative trait which often leads to jealousy and resentment. The more they love their partner, the more possessive they become. Although they are not explicitly jealous, they view their mates as their personal property.
  • Self-indulgence – They tend to be rude and ignorant of others’ emotions.

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