Jenna, the school’s prom queen was beloved. She had everything that any girl could ask for: beauty, money, popularity, and was the class valedictorian who was about to graduate, and attend Georgetown University in the fall.

Everything was perfect in her little world, until suddenly, she began to feel like she was being watched. It was a constant nagging sensation, that persisted, even when no one was there. Was the stress getting to her?

Then the nightmares started. A vague humanoid-figure that would not completely reveal himself, hid in the shadows. Who was this elusive stranger that visited Jenna in her dreams???

Why did he feel so familiar?

Did she know him? What did he want???

And why was making her do things that “good” girls weren’t supposed to?





This novel is 30,665 words or roughly 96 pages total. It is only avaialble in PDF format.

There are no additional versions in word, apple, or kindle.

That means you need a PDF reader, on your laptop or phone. There are plenty of free ones that you can download on the Internet.

If you cannot find one, email me here: [email protected] and I will send you a link so you can download one for free.

EMAIL ME FIRST, if you have any questions, and BEFORE the purchase, because There are no Refunds.

I don’t work for free. I am very expensive; because I’m damn good; you wouldn’t be here otherwise.

Any Sales Tax is extra.






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