This documentary by Millie Weaver, a self-produced  documentary exposing the illegal activities of the United States Government, -was banned.

Its tag line, “What they don’t want you to see,” was posted across social media platforms, going viral within hours.

The video is so damning that after nearly 2 million views, YouTube immediately removed it.

The unsettling 90-minute video exposing the illegal activities of the Shadow Government and it’s never ending War Making Policies to create a global government.

A cabal of federal contractors are using advanced data collection techniques to engineer global events and orchestrate a coup against, at the time (President Donald Trump).

As we have seen from the fraudulent election, everything she said has come to fruition.

After the documtary was released Weaver was arressted illegally, on trumped up charges by an Ohio grand jury: robbery, tampering with evidence, obstructing justice, and domestic violence, to keep her silent.

The video states everything correctly, from the Mueller investigation, to the illegal practices of the Obama administration, but you need to watch it for yourself, so you can form your own opionion.





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