I am the founder of a new organization called SAD, or Students Against the Draft.

Why SAD?

How can you be old enough to be drafted when legally you can’t even own a gun???

If you’re not an adult at 18, then you shouldn’t be allowed to get yourself killed in a illegal war. You don’t send a boy to do a man’s job. Also I don’t want anymore recruiters going to the High-School either. Children are very impressionable. And we all know how the V.A. treated our veterans.  If not for the bravery of the whistle-blowers, who are being demonized it would still be going on.

Its a disgrace.

Do you know why nothing ever changes no matter who is elected?

Because the Republicans, Democrats, and Independents, are all owned by the Federal Reserve who are Satanic Bankers, who are trying to usher in a one world order, because the Devil cannot take control of the world until the one world order is created. If you read your Bible it says that the Devil cannot create, only destroy. All Congress, all politicians, the United Nations, are all Globalists. Your choice is only an illusion.

The government cannot be trusted, they have militarized the Police, they have taken away assault weapons, and now bump-stocks, soon we won’t have any rights. That is the plan of the Globalists, to make a planet of slaves.

Once the government starts banning, it NEVER stops. Once the government starts taxing it only gets higher. You need to join me so that I can fight the one world order establishment that Donald Trump is also apart of.

Judge him by his actions, and not his words, and you can see that for yourself. I am hiring civil rights lawyer, and working with the Militia and the NRA, to help me in our cause, one to free us from the Tyranny of the Federal Reserved owned United States Government.

What do I hope to accomplish?

Well how about a special tax bracket just for congress? Lets say 50%, as they are all multi-millionaire public servants, anyway. And how the hell did they get to be millionaires in the first place?

I want to change the rules so anyone can run for public office and not just rich people.

I want to audit the Federal Reserve, those are our tax dollars, our money, and I want to know where in the hell that money is being spend, and on what.

No more foreign aid, not to Israel or any other foreign country. We have a third world right here in the United States and its called Skid Row.

That Globalist Puppet George Bush Jr. stood up in front of the entire world and said, “God told me to go to war.”

And his God (the Devil), did, because his God is the “God of War” and we have been in a illegal war ever since. If you doubt me look up Agenda 22. There is an assault on Christianity itself. Do NOT be fooled by Donald Trump or any other president, who says “Lets pray to God.”

They have corrupted the word “God,” so I say instead, let me pray to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who no man may come to the father, except thru him.”

I include the name Jesus Christ in my prayers, you will never hear the President or any other politician do that.

They say for every one year of technical advancement, the military is forty-seven years ahead. They can eliminate poverty, disease, and hunger, in one generation but all that means is that the super rich cannot be rich anymore.

I kept waiting my whole for someone to come up and make a difference, and then I discovered that person would never show up, I HAD TO BE THAT PERSON.

I need you to donate $10 to my PayPal account to help with the expenses, and I will sign you up for my newsletter which will keep you updated on my progress, and you can also contact me directly, rath1967@hotmail.com.

If you don’t want to send me money, then YOU BE THAT PERSON, I’ll send money to you.

The time to act is now, together we can make a difference.