Robin Meade

Robin Meade ( full name: Robin Michelle Meade) is an American News anchor, singer, and journalist born on 21st April 1969 in New London, Ohio, U.S. She is lead news anchor for HLN’s morning show ‘Morning Express with Robin Meade’. 

She is also a former Miss Ohio and began her broadcasting career with local stations in the same state. In 2001, she joined HLN. She has also won a regional Emmy Award. She released a country music album in 2011 and also a second one in 2013.

Robin grew up in New London, Ohio, and graduated from New London High School. She then attended Malone University and Ashland University. She majored in radio/television production, programming and performance and also minored in political science. Robin graduated in 1991 with a major in programming and performance.

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