Rise of the Witch

Rise of the Witch


Mark was the handsome, arrogant, spoiled little rich kid, grew up getting everything he wanted.

Until Jeanie arrived. Jeanie, the new girl, a beautiful redhead whose emerald-green eyes held secrets; showed intelligence, compassion and maybe just a hint of danger, sparkled with a magic that entranced all who could see it.

Mark could, but he was used to getting everything he wanted, so the effects of her hypnotic beauty would not last long.

Or so he thought.

But the more aggressively he pursued her, the cooler her response. Mark could not easily impress her with his wealth, as he had done with so many others because Jeanie’s family had money as well.

Mark was not deterred, he already decided that Jeanie was to be his, a worth addition to his privileged life and nothing would stand in his way, not even Jeanie herself.

But Mark found that Jeanie could not only match him, but soon even had him on defense. None of his tricks were working. Then caught in the heat of passion, Jeanie let her guard down and unintentionally revealed herself in a way that made her vulnerable.

Bad mistake for a woman who thought she was immune to the love of a man whom she knew would exploit her every weakness.

Jeanie could forgive him for that, It wasn’t Mark’s fault, he was raised to be the epitome of “corporationalism,” the conqueror, and by any means necessary.

In a modern world that was done with money. But there was more to life than money,

Jeanie would save him.

But who would save her?

What Mark didn’t know was that there were other parties equally interested in Jeanie, for their own reasons, just as selfish, but not as benign.

Jeanie’s parents were employed by a division of the government, but nobody knew specifically what branch. They were scientists who tried to study practical aspects of the paranormal -if any. 

They dealt with aliens, black-magic, channeling, demons, ghosts, and human sacrifice.

These people practiced a very ancient and evil religion, and the powers that be, were very much aware of Jeanie’s supernatural abilities because that was what she had been bred for.

In a numerical combination, Jeanie’s first, last and middle name were each composed of six digits. This 6-6-6, combination identified a specific family lineage. Jeanie. Genealogy. Blood-lines. Jeanie was chosen because of her heritage. And membership was exclusive.

And this was the reason why Jeanie was so valuable to the Government. Even her own parents were expendable if Jeanie could be acquired instead.

But Jeanie’s was not a girl who would allow her life to be defined by something as arbitrary as a bloodline, nor would she permit herself to be used as a instrument of evil by a secret evil government society, no-matter what they promised; no-matter what they threatened.

If Jeanie, would not come willing, they would take her by force and initiate her into their circle with a hellish ritual that would take control of her mind, body, and soul.

Could Mark’s substantial wealth, power, and his penchant for brilliant alternatives in hopeless situations aid in saving Jeanie?

Or would Jeanie’s powers in the supernatural be strong enough to protect her, and the ones she loved, from all those who threatened to destroy her.

-Jason Gabriel Kondrath

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