Rise of the Witch

Rise of the Witch
Rise of the Witch

Rise of the Witch

Jeane was a beautiful redhead whose emerald green eyes held secrets. She had long suffered her families mental, emotional, and sexual abuse. So she summoned the “Powers of Darkness,” for protection, and they did… for a price.

They not only gave her solace -but vengeance. And no one was spared. In the aftermath she met Mark, a boy she loved more that life itself. Soon Jeanie found herself pregnant, and the young couple plane to marry. But Jeanie never told her fiance about her past debts…


Rise of the Witch (E-book)



Rise of the Witch
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Rise of the Witch (Paperback)


Rise of the Witch
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Greeting Brethren,

I am a writer who created a new genre called Eros Macabre (which is really just a combination of horror and erotica). I am original. That’s how I gauge my success. Not by how many books I sold or if how many fans I have. If I have told you a story that you have never heard before, I did my job.
I don’t know why but for some reason there have tried to mix genre’s before, like Horror and Comedy.

Both good in their own respect, but horrible together. Like Peanut Butter and Ketchup, instead of Peanut Butter and Jelly.
I got it right thou.

My first book, was about a beautiful thirteen year old redhead who practices witch-craft to protect herself from Rape and Incest. It was so realistically written that Amazon banned the printed version and I the uncut version is only available in E-format.

I am better been “ghost-writing” for other people for over twenty years, so if you have never heard of me, its by choice. I have been perfecting my craft and building my confidence. Please buy this book, or my others, and join me at my website: www.worldofrath.com



Rise of the Witch


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