Rath Reviews

Rath Reviews

There is another website that is eerily similar to this one.


This website owner is an author, named J.T. Rath and he does reviews on movies and video games, and includes links to his own works. The site is impressive, he obviously spend some time utilizing his design.

I only found him by accident, but the reason I mention him is because I do not want anyone to think that I am affiliated with that website, or that his website is an extension of this one.

He’s actually very good, but I don’t do reviews. I have been building up my brand from scratch for over two decades, so I am very careful who I associate with. I have no advertisers.

Now in fairness I have recently changed my design, so the similarity may be just coincidental, but I have had the domain worldofrath.net for twenty-five years.

It started as a website on free hosting, but I was banned from them, just like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube for violating their policies (whatever those were).

I finally had to spend some money and purchase my own domain from a hosting platform like HostGator.

worldofrath.net became worlofrath.com.

J.T. Rath from Rath Reviews is his complete last name, whereas, it only comprises the last half of my last name: Kond-rath. I have also had people confuse me with other authors who names are almost identical, Conrad, Konrad, and with the same first name Jason.

Over the years, the name Rath has become very popular due to Fire Emblem, Battle-born and Ben-10.

Alot of other websites and even companies, also have the name Rath in it.  Many of these Rath companies or characters, never existed beforehand, a few did, but most did not. I’ve been Rath for over 50 years, so I did not “borrow” this name from anyone.

And if they did exist, believe me I would have know about it, I used to check my google rankings daily. I just wanted you to know that I try very hard to be original, and have always stood alone. 

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