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According to the metallic scrolls found underground. The history of our world is recorded as such:

First there are a race called the Progenitors; aliens from the Sirius system.

The origins of the Progenitors begins in Zeta Reticuli, but for reasons unknown left en masse for the Sirius System.

The Progenitors migrated and occupied two planets in the Sirius System from that point on.

For millions of years the Progenitor race lived in Sirius before deciding to expand and investigate a newly discovered solar system on the remote outpost of the universe -ours.

The progenitor group left the Sirius System for our own; and settled on the planet Mars which although desolate, Mars held a compatible atmosphere (at that time), for colonization.

They settled on Mars and thrived for 100,000 years. But near the end of that
time period, a catastrophic event occurred, some collision that created the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and they were forced to abandoned Mars for Earth.

But when they arrived to Earth, the at planet was not vacant, nor the environment ideal. It was wrong (for them), so they began to die off.

To continue their lineage they created a genetically enhanced offspring to cope with Earth’s hostile environment; the Anu.

1 Anu were the genetically altered (Not Hybrids).

They also created a servant caste for the Anu called the Eloah which would now be know as your typical Greys.

They were created to provide the Anu with a workforce gathering resources required for them to live comfortably.

2. The (Greys) where also created to oversee the indigenous primitive earth population of early humans.

For reasons unknown the Anu also became afflicted with the same genetic predisposition that cased a weakness in the immune system against the harsh and ever changing environment of Earth.

To continue survival they needed to create a better genetically enhanced successor group.

3. Illumina was the third attempt at a a genetically modified group, (not hybrids). 

This new group they called the Illumina, Light Bringers, or
Immaculate Ones. These names are based on numerous translations of references also found in the tablets.

With the Anu now dying … the Illumina, were now the primary group in the

Before the Anu died off they warned the Illumina of the threat the (Greys)
could one day pose; and to prepare for it … to never allow their numbers to become too large, and to restrict their interaction with the indigenous populace as they might become too powerful to control one day.

That is exactly what is happening today.

With some critical flaw, and incompatibility to thrive within the earth’s environment, the Illumina, also became sick.

To survive, they would have to do the unthinkable. Interbreed with the primitive indigenous populace.

It was their only chance. To avoid extinction they were forced to integrate with the earliest vestiges of modern humanity.

This succeeded. but lineage was no longer pure; further it was a devastating affect to their psyche.

It’s understood that today they are a secret cabal of select alien-human lineages, and very powerful.

They are a tightly controlled bloodline (of alien origin) stretching back thousands of years.

Various people who today represent the powers-that-be amongst the ranks of humanity are members of this group.

These are your Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (in
England, also known as the Windsors) all of whom descended from strict marriage – based on familial-lineage and breeding protocols, of a select lineage base to preserve the lines.

All because of one reason; blood.

From the special blood attained through females of the lineage (due to certain
hormones) it helps them to sustain their ability to withstand the environment; additionally, they also use secretions of pituitary and pineal glands (from captured modern humans) which also acts as strong drug helping to keep them from succumbing to mental instability caused by environmental stresses and unwanted chemical influence.

By this time the Greys, who also live underground, became stronger and more advanced, and have revolted against the Illuminati and a secret war between the two have going on since before WW2, when they were discovered. 


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