Professional Lactators: 2045

The year is 2045 and human beings have been steadily weening themselves off cow milk, in lieu of a new product, Human Breast Milk (HBM). When you consider dairy milk is a secretion from a farm animal, then you realize that cow milk is disgusting by its very nature definition and HBM is an appropriate alternative. If you view cow milk as process instead of a finished product, then you would never drink dairy milk again. If you doubt me, go eat your steak dinner at a slaughter house.

Cow milk is not healthy for the human animal, because it was never designed for human beings, and many unnoticed health problems occur. Allergies to milk are very common, and when you consider the added hormones, antibiotics, steroids all of which have adverse effects on the human body, and pesticides they use for the weeds, and insects on the grass and grain, these are actually toxic, and poisonous to the human body.

That being said, woman who are qualified can be employed as professional Lactators. That is, they would produce milk for human consumption. In today’s world many traditional jobs have been eliminated. Now people must be creative and invent new industries to make a living. Human lactation is an alternative for woman. Marketing

Human Breast Milk is much more appealing than cow milk, it just has not been introduced into society as long. Indoctrination is the key.

Human Breast Milk (HBM) will appeal to men, lesbians, and woman who cannot produce enough breast milk to feed their new-borne or toddlers, “Wet nursing” was still very popular at the beginning of the 20th century. And each target group needs to be marketed to appropriately.