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This is one the best Quantum speed reading because it was developed by the Japanese and they perfect everything. If you go to Amazon, the book easily sells for $300, I could not find this on the net. So anytime I have to spend money, I put it on the net for everyone to enjoy.

There is surprising very little information in the book on the methods, as a whole, because it boils down to just a handful of exercises list below.

So instead of including the entire book, I just included the exercises, with a detailed explanation that is everything you need to do to get you at the Quantum Speed Reading Level.

  1. Watch the video and do the eye exercises twice, once for both eyes. Just follow the movement of the ball.


Eye Exercises

1. Quantum Speed Reading is the best way to speed read, and you know why?

Because it was invented by the Japaneses who perfect everything.

2. Stereo-gram

You should stare at a different Stereo-gram (shown below) everyday until you can see the hidden image.


  1. After Image (Residual Image) Training
  2. Stare at the circle below for 30 seconds then the white section of the card.
  3. When the after images are in the correct color. This is how you know that your “right-brain” is awakening.
  4. The next step is to use round cards and to visualize them as being square or triangular.
  5. When this is accomplished, imagery is freely accessible to the mind.

Photographic Memory

The ability to see the material with your memory for 60 seconds, after a 1 second viewing.

Some people do not believe that photographic memory even exists. Other’s think you have to be born to it. Neither is true. Photographic Memory is a simple skill, like learning your alphabet, and if had learned this at the same time you would have graduated from Harvard with a Ph.d at the age of 14.

World of Rath

When I was young maybe ten years old I was riding my bike, without a helmet and I flipped over the handle bars because I hit something in the street, and cracked my head over. There was blood all over my face, my clothes, the sidewalk. Everywhere. It was so bad that I couldn’t even walk home because the blood had gotten in my eyes so I couldn’t see. An old neighbor from up the street came out of her house and walked me back to mine. I don’t know how she knew where I lived, maybe she didn’t. But when we approached my house my mom came running out of our house screaming when she saw me. And she was a nurse. They rushed to the nearby hospital and I was there for well over six hours. There were going to keep me overnight but they said at this point there was nothing more they can do.

I don’t know if your familiar with the term “Closed Head” injury, but I can tell you that I seen people who have that condition from being in car accidents, and its horrible at any age. I was ten years old so my injury was especially tragic because at then your brain is still developing, so this injury definitely affected every aspect of my life. I became irritable, hyper, manic, some people thought I had become another person before because I never had any of these traits before.

But the worst was my ability to remember, and concentrate. I had a type of number dyslexia, that when I heard the numbers 6446, I would say them back 4664. I did not have the same problems with letters. Teachers didn’t have words like ADD, or ADHD, back them, they just assumed I was slow. I mean something was wrong, they just didn’t know what it was. I never acted like a low intelligence person. I saw those other kids, people who were clumsy, limited attention, and limited ability to problem solve.

A lot of bullies or tough kids are street smart but not book smart. So I was put in a lot of classes with them, which I absolutely hated. I couldn’t concentrate because some punk behind me wash throwing pencils broke in three or four pieces at me. I was trying to avoid getting hit in the eye by one of those damn things. It was a nightmare.

But me I always looked confused, and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get the right answer. Like I was trying to force the information in but I couldn’t remember it in the right sequence.

I developed what I called a Teflon Mind, because nothing would stick. I had to nutshell everything in order to understand and remember it. And this really annoyed a lot of teachers, because it seemed to trivialize whatever they were teaching, but it was the only way I could learn anything.

I spent my whole life trying to find a way to compensate for whatever was wrong with me, and I did, and once I discovered the secret I wanted to pass it on, I did not want it to die with me. I always believed that you should try and leave the world a better place than you found it. If you want to know how to develop a photographic memory than I can show you.


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