News Sells -not the Commercials

The same people who own the pharmaceutical companies; own the media.

For example, Disney owns the American Broadcast Company, so if there are any lawsuits against Disney -like that little boy who got eaten by a crocodile, because some executive thought it was a good idea to build there multi-million dollar resort, on top of an Alligator Farm -you sure as hell wont hear about it on ABC. 

Why the fuck does Disney need to own a television network anyway???

The news was supposed to protect us.

To be independent and Non-Bias. Never incorporate their own opinions, personal or political, but simply tell the facts, and let the viewer make up their own mind.

And everybody trusted the news, because that’s all we had -before the Internet. We are only now just beginning to learn how corrupt and intertwined our entire system is.

There are no investigative journalists anymore. I don’t think there ever were, especially after the advent of television. The anchors who sit behind the desks at the posh studios, are all corporate owned, which means the anchors read off a teleprompter, and its all scripted.

So if they don’t read what there supposed to read, they will be instantly be replaced by someone else who will, no matter how popular they are.

Let’s take Megan Kelly, who after she left Fox for NBC started hosting the third hour of the morning show with her program Megan Kelly Today, which aired September 2017.

The show was cancelled in October 2018, after a segment discussing blackface, and she left the network in January 2019. Her departure had nothing to do her admitting that she dressed up like Diana Ross for Halloween as a child, NBC was looking for any excuse to get rid of her.

“She demanded NBC release any and all Matt Lauer (sexual harassment) accusers from their confidentiality agreements. NBC says it has nothing to hide — great! Let’s not hide anything,” she said.

But they did.

NBC knew all about Matt Laure’s antics, and they were protecting him because he was still making them more money than he was costing them.

It wasn’t enough that Matt got fired, which I’m sure he deserved, Kelly was making huge waves, because now it was the network, that had to defend itself, and she was butting the hand that was feeding her, by demanding that NBC  release all the details on anything that even suggested a settlement. I can’t believe she assumed they were innocent.

Bill Reilly had the No. 1 show on Cable TV for twenty years, and top dog, who never let anyone forget it. He too, thought he was invincible, but while still number one, Fox replaced him overnight, with Tucker Carlson, and the details on that were shrouded in mystery, but he settled out of court on a case involving harassment with an intern.

A there are a lot of professional interns in the news business, straight out of their ivy-league universities, with a worthless degree in journalism. But they all know they could get a shot at the prize, as least that’s what there promised, and that’s a lot of money for just reading a script.

When when a huge multi-faceted corporation owns a news network, (like Disney), and all of them do, they also cross-promote the other products they own.

For example if you watch Fox News, the majority of commercials are medical products or pharmaceutical ads. But they advertise with the News, not with their commercials.

Think about it, every network is pushing the vaccine. They have ex-Nazi (Concentration Camp doctor), now medical authority -Fauci, on every network, promoting these vaccines like he’s the only doctor in the entire world, qualified to give an opinion.

But its the same people that own Fox News (and others like them), that also own the Pharmaceutical Companies, who not only advertise on their stations (with commercials), but also validate those claims with the News. 

Doctors who do not reinforce their narrative, or dispute otherwise -will never be aired. And any independent video that other doctors produce, and try to publicize on social medial, like YouTube, will instantly be banned, once it starts getting serious attention.

Others who make too many waves like Kelly did on NBC, will be punished, by have their medical licenses revoked. And the out. Fox never took Megan Kelly back either.

Andrew Wakefield was demonized by the press, for dare suggesting that the mercury used as a preservative in inoculations, given to children cause autism.

After all mercury is a neuron-toxin, it doesn’t matter which grade they used, all of them destroy brain cells. No mercury (and there are several), of any kind, belongs in any inoculation!!!

And you don’t need to be a doctor to figure that out.

But they dismissed Wakefield as a conspiracy theorist, without even doing any independent research. How can you discredit a professional based on… nothing???

Its as if, they don’t want to find a cure for autism. The skeptics certainly have no answers of their own.

Instead they personally try to destroy him, because his argument is based on circumstantial evidence. And little know fact, circumstantial evidence can warrant a conviction -even in a court of law.

Certainly, it would warrent -at the very least- a thorough independent examination of the facts. But they won’t do that, because they already know the truth.

Why would the pharmaceutic companies want to deliberately cause autism?

You need to research Agenda 21 for yourself to understand that.

The short answer: children with autism are disabled, and disabled children rarely reproduce.

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