Nelly May

The Price is Right

One of the great things about the Internet is that everyone can promote their own business, case in point, Nelly May was a one time contestant on the Price is Right, but now she is an entrepreneur and promoter. I caught her by accident when someone put a random clip of her on the Internet, I caught it while searching for something else. What amazed me were the amount of comments that this women drew, hundreds, but they were all basically the same.

Nelly, I love you!!!

Look at those fucking tits!!!

Marry Me!!!

Why did she stop bouncing!!!

Bob Barker just creamed his depends!!!

Okay the last one was mine, but I think you get the point.

Here is the video clip you can view of Nelly for yourself:

Call Nelly Now

Anyway I called her because she doesn’t live that far from me, not a joke, and if you want to book her for a party, you can find her here:

It was rumored that naked pictures of her were floating around from her past, but it was actually an identical looking woman who is a porn-star called Melissa Midwest. Her pictures are below:

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