My Lover the Rapist

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My Lover the Rapist

Me and Josh have been dating for over a year then my parents started asking me when we were going to married?
I didn’t know myself because every time I tried to bring up marriage he avoided the subject.

I dreaded holidays because of those awkward moments during dinner when one of my parents would ask him about what his plans were concerning me.

Me and Josh would fight about it afterward. I had my own apartment but I wouldn’t let Josh sleep over. If he wanted to play house he would have to buy me one first.

I was a virgin and I wanted to stay one until my wedding night, so I would not let him have sex with me, but I still had to give him blowjobs. That was the only way that he would stay with me. Sometimes I had to give it to him twice a day.

Another year passed, and I told him that I felt I was wasting my life, and I wanted ours to begin, we needed to get married, have children. Everything. Reluctantly he agreed.

Finally I got him to agree to a engagement and we set a date.
When we went shopping for rings I had to pay half on my credit card because his card got declined.

I was so exicited to be able to make the announcement to all my parents and girlfriends. Unfortunately Josh didn’t seem to want be involved in any aspect of the wedding.

I heard thru the grapevine that he went to stripclubs and was cheating on me. But I loved him, or thought I did, so I stayed with him.

Finally the big day came, but Josh never showed up. He had left me at the alter. I was humiliated. You see I was a good girl a virgin and I had never been with a man before.

I was so depressed that I wanted to kill myself, and my parents admitted me into a mental hospital for 4 weeks.

The hospital was upscale as my family had money, and I had a private room. They kept males with males and females with females. The doctor had just giving me an injection before he left for the night, and I was on cloud 9. During the day you had group activities, crafts, you watched TV, exercise game and lunch. But at night it was a skeleton crew.

I was laying in my bed like a Zombie when one of the orderlies walked in. His name was Joel, but everyone call him Joe, and he pull back the sheets to expose my nakedness.

I grabbed the sheets but he yanked them down. He had some kind of tape with him, I think it was duct tape and he tied my hands to the frame, then he duct tape my mouth shout. And warned me not to make a sound or they would find me “suicided.”

Joel took off his clothes as penis was long and massive, much bigger than my boyfriends, like

Joel lubricated me and I just watched him like a zombie, because with all the medication that’s what I felt like. and then he positioned my legs and started fucking me. It was painful. He ruptured my hymine and I started to bleed even thou I didn’t know it.

I felt violated like he was stretching me out. He pushed thru me and I cried out several times from the pain until he finished. The he untied me but warned me before he removed the tape not to scream or he would kill me.

And then he said if I told anyone, they would believe me because I was crazy. Finally he said he would be back for more, and that I should get used to this. And then he was gone.

I told the nurse the next morning that I didn’t want to go to group therapy the next day. I asked for a zip lock plastic bag to hold my toothbrush in and filled it ice instead, then I put it on my swollen sex for most of the day.

That night he returned as promised and he forced himself on me, I tried to turn off my mind and go to another place but I couldn’t. It was like I was a prisoner of my own body. I just laid their crying until he finished.

Two days later he came back a third time, and had me again, but this time I came, I orgasm ed and after I did I started looking at Joel differently.

Bedroom Eyes

I was a very pretty girl, at least in high-school, and men always pestered me whenever I went to the club. More guys asked me to dance than my girlfriends so they always got jealous. And we would start fighting.

Even in high-school black guys in a group would follow me and my two white friends and follow us down the hall, sometimes they would try and lift our skirts and other times just grab our asses.

Anyways before I was released Joel, told me to give him my drivers license and checked the back then asked if this was the correct address.

I told him it was, and he said I would be seeing him again. That I belonged to him now and he would have me when ever he wanted.

After I was release and back in my own apartment, and my family and friends went home.

To be continued…

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