Milky Way

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Recently, Earth women were being abducted by extraterrestrials, not privately, but publically, without provocation, and in record numbers.

And they were not being returned.

The fear now, was not whether aliens actually existed, but why were they stealing our women?!!

The alien threat was real, and it was causing a world wide panic, never felt before in human history.

No one had any answers, and the collective governments denied any knowledge.

There were many reasons given by conspiracy theorists, the most popular being that aliens were harvesting women, because they needed to prolong there own species thru hybridization. 

But that has been going on for centuries.

For reasons unknown, recently, the alien new born’s were refusing to eat, and when they did, they were getting sick, and suddenly dying off at an alarming rate, and none of their doctors knew why?

An emergency decision was made by the Grays, that any Earth Woman whose blood type was compatibility, would be immediately abducted.  

It did not matter what her current reproductive status was or had been. She did not have to have children, recently given birth, or even pregnant before.

The aliens possessed technology that could make the female abductee’s lactate and produce milk for them under any circumstances.

The most precious resource of any species was its women. And now the final Battleground for the survival of the Human Race was about to be fought by the newly commissioned Space Force as they mounted an offensive assault against the enemy -not in another galaxy, but right here, on planet Earth.


-Jason Kondrath

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