Linda Moulton Howe

Linda Moulton Howe

Linda Moulton Howe (born January 20, 1942) is an American investigative journalist who did extensive investigation of cattle mutilations and concludes beyond any doubt that both human and animal abductions are done by Aliens.

Any fool can see that this animal drained of its blood and the eyes and tongue removed was done by a Coyote.

Mutiliation Video

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She is also noted for her speculations that the U.S. government is working with aliens. She is the first to go public by stating that there was a crash in 1941 and a alien suvived the crash. The Alien was manufactured or cloned and it made for specific functions only.

The government called this the EBE, or Exterrestrial Biological Entity. It revealed that they were the co-creators of the Human Species. Their were primates on this planet but they modified the dna of that animal, until it became “Human,”  and have continued to do so up to the modern age.

Linda Moulton Howe Early life

She received her master’s degree in Communication from Stanford University in 1968, where she produced a documentary film for the Stanford Medical Center and her Master’s Thesis, “A Picture Calculus,” at the Stanford Linear Accelerator.

Linda Moulton Howe Career

Howe’s early work focused on environmental issues. From 1978 to 1983, Howe was Director of Special Projects at KMGH-TV, Channel 7, Denver, Colorado. Her documentaries included Poison in the Wind and A Sun Kissed Poison which compared smog pollution in Los Angeles and Denver, Fire In The Water about hydrogen as an alternative energy source to fossil fuels, and A Radioactive Water about uranium contamination of public drinking water in a Denver suburb.

Linda Moulton Howe

Howe receiving a “Lifetime Achievement Award” from paranormal radio show host Jimmy Church.

In 1980, Howe produced A Strange Harvest, a documentary that suggested unusual wounds found on cattle are the work of extraterrestrial beings who harvest body parts required for their survival or research, and that the U.S. government is well aware and agreed to such abductions, in exchange for advanced technology.

Howe has produced numerous UFO related programming, including a two-hour special Earth Mysteries: Alien Life Forms in association with WATL-Fox, Atlanta, was Supervising Producer and Original Concept Creator for UFO Report: Sightings financed by Paramount Studios and the Fox network in Los Angeles that was first broadcast in October 1991 and became the Sightings series on Fox.

Howe appeared on a panel at UFO Disclosure press event held at the National Press Club in 2013, saying she believed “alien technology appears so advanced” that “space and time could be bent by outer space travelers, therefore allowing extraterrestrials to visit Earth”.

Inter-Dimensional Travelers

Not all aliens are advanced at the same level. Some are more advanced and instead of traveling from light years (which actually is not possible), would not be practical. The EBE aliens create a connecting “worm-hole” in the fabric of time and space and fold it like a napkin that meet in the corners, then they slip thru in a micro-second.

Howe is a frequent guest on Coast to Coast AM and has been interviewed on Larry King Live special, CNN; The O’Reilly Factor, Fox; Sightings and Strange Universe, Fox; NBC’s The Other Side; Britain’s Union Pictures, ITN and BBC; The Discovery Channel special Evidence On Earth; the NBC network special, Mysterious Origins of Man, and the History Channel television series Ancient Aliens.

Many people in the system confide in her because she is not in the system, the Military Industrial Complex, people want to leak the information, many are doing so because it is becoming less risky. John F. Kennedy was killed when he told the insiders he was going to go public.


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