Kirsten Powers

It’s so easy to fall for Kirsten, she smart, strong, successful, beautiful, educated, professional, and classy. You would think a woman like this would have it all, like a rich husband, and a happy family. Well she was actually married for three years, but then divorced.

What captivates me about Kirsten is her sad brown eyes, a vulnerability that begs you to rescue her. She puts on a brave smile, but gives herself away in contrast to the women who is easily upset and also on the verge of tears after battling the Republican/Conservative hosts of the Fox New Network.

Unfortunately, like most women she’s doesn’t have any sense. And I wish she did, because I think she is really a very special person who deserves to be happy.

That was until I found out she dated that goofy pervert Anthony Wiener, still defends him, and even remains friends with him to this day.

I don’t care what her reason’s were, any woman who dates a man like that is beyond redemption. I made a lot of fucked up choices in my life too, but I would NEVER sext with a minor, with or without my infant child who remains neglected in the background.

Does that count as a threesome?

Anyway there’s just a line you just don’t cross.

If Kirsten were naked I imagine she would have had pictures taken when she was very young and very much in love.

But of course these picture could never be her, because she would never date some scumbag or pervert, who would take pictures of her naked and then promise to destroy them afterward. And then not only keep them,



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