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Jessy Taylor Meltdown

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Instagram has been banning accounts of women who pose naked. Unfortunately they are just of one of many social media, who are sanitizing the Internet from “X” to “PG13,” and this is not a new trend. No warnings, no strikes, no emails to inform you of their policy changes. With a word of warning and many times without rhyme or reason… YOUR GONE!!!


When you fuck a girl like Jessie you want to bring your A-Game, and that’s with any female. If your 5 inches, you need one of these. She will tell you, “Oh your fine baby, don’t worrry about it.”


But don’t you believe a word of it.

She will cheat, and use you for somehthing else like paying her bills or credit cards, while fucking other guys for “sex.” And when she’s caught she will blame you, and justify it by saying, “Well if you were more of a man, I wouldn’t need to cheat.

Stripper Girlfriend Mentality so bring your A Game

One woman busty “model”, Jessy Taylor, took her grievance to YouTube and had a melt down tearfully explaining that she moved to California, to find fame and fortune.

Now, in fairness to Jessie, there are only two types of people who live in California, the people in the entertainment business and the homeless. This is not a joke. Unlike the other states, You cannot make a living in California working 9 to 5, even if you work two full time jobs because the cost of living is just too fucking high.

Great Ass

There are people who make 30,000 a year (15hr), off the Internet and have to live in their cars. I don’t know how much Instagram paid her, but I willing to bet it was a lot more than 30,000 a year.

If someone is paying you money -its a job!!! Whether your a newspaper boy, or the CEO of GM. Skilled or otherwise.

And Modeling is a job just like any other profession.

Just ask Sports Illustrated.

In fact if you can make money just by taking pictures of celebrities in public, its huge, Just ask the paparazzi.

And why not???

We all have to make a living.

For many people California is the State of Misfit Toys. People who cannot make a living working a “real” job, and that’s its own misery. It takes a special person to make it in the entertainment world.

There’s no business like show-business.

But most of the prom queens who were also in the drama club, and not just a cheerleader go off to California, every year, and when they don’t it to stardom overnight, they either go home after a year, or they resort to drugs, stripping, and prostitution.

Now with the Internet and Social Platforms paying people on their channels or accounts this is yet another way for many people to make a living. They don’t have to movie stars as long as they work for themselves. And why be an actor when you can be paid for just being a personality???


You think I’m kidding???

Clint Eastwood no matter what role he played in was Clint Eastwood.

Charles Bronson was Charles Bronson.

Burt Reynolds was Burt Reynolds.

Steven Seagal is Steven Seagal.

Any yes, Sylvester Stallone is Sylvester Stallone.

I would even include Tom Cruise on this list.

I’ve seen better acting on the Hallmark Channel, not a joke.

Jessie says she has no skills, but went to college and is $20,000 dollars in debt. Before Insta-Gram, she was a stripper and resorted to prostitution to survive and now without her channel, she will have to again.

I am not advocating for her, but there are many women who can do nothing but live off the system by having children. They cannot function in the real world. I’m not going pay to see her in anything, but I would rather she make a living thru Instagram than Welfare. Just showing you the reality of our world, you make your own judgements. Click any picture to see the rant.


Jessy Taylor Meltdown
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