Idaho Water Babies


The Water Babies of Massacre Rocks

Massacre Rocks on Snake Lake

Outside of Pocatello, Idaho is a tragic, and frightening location known as Massacre Rocks, named so because one summer long ago, it was the scene of an horrific sacrafice.

When the Native American, Pocatello Indians inhabited the area, there was a severe famine. Their situation became so desperate that that the tribe banded together and decided that there wasn’t enough food to feed any new mouths.

As babies were being born, their mothers were forced to take them down to the nearby river (Snake River), and drown them, rather than have them die a slow death of starvation.

Monsters of Snake Lake

Even today it is said, that if go down to the banks of this river and sit in silence, you will hear the unmistakable sound of crying babies. It’s supposed to be the souls of the lost infant spirits, screaming for their mothers. Massacre Rock was avoided after that stange incident continued to occur and reported to be haunted.

The Curse of Snake River

Other legends from the Ute Indians corroborate the Curse of Snake Lake. They stopped fishing there because strange fish that looked human in form, but horrible deformed with razor sharp teeth started inhabiting it. These fish looked like human infants with gills, and had long tails. They attacked anyone who swam near it.

Some say these fish were the physical manifistation of the Spirit of the babies who drowned; malevant spirits who tried to trick and lure unsuspecting young woman and mothers into the water to save them, only to attack them afterwards to avenge their own death.

The Ute referred to these creatures as “Water Babies” because of their clever tactics in luring women into the water. They would make sounds identical to crying babies. Women would instinctively, jump in the lake in an effort to locate and rescue the drowning babies, only to be dragged to thier death and eaten.





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