Harvard Universe accepts almost a $100, 000,000 from tax payer money from the Government for research. What research??? Where are the results. Did they cure cancer, or AIDS??? Invent a never ending fuel source???

They are the best minds with the most money, where are the results???

Why doesn’t the taxpayers like you and me have more control on where are money is being spent???

Its our fucking money!!!

Maybe I want it to go to the VA instead.

I don’t want to fund welfare, Planned Parenthood, Gay Rights, or pay the Senators a Million Dollars a year, who vote to raise their own salary, exempted themselves from Obamacare, and are all Public Servant Multi Millionaires, and that’s on both sides of the isle.

How can any University teach you how to be successful in business (Grants, Aid, Subsidies, whatever you want to call it, its all the same thing… Welfare!!!), when they themselves depend on Government Tax Dollars.

Colleges and Universities can only function in a bubble and not in the real world. Because as a business they cannot depend on thier own tuition for survivial, the way true businesses do. And Education is a business, that why they charge tuition, which keeps going up every year, besides getting an increase in subsidies from the Government. I know four year college graduates working as the assistant manager at Pizza Hut in a mountain of student debt.




Universities Getting the Most Money from the Federal Government