Hannah Murphey


Sorry to say that there isn’t a lot of dirt on this one.

Hannah Murray got cast as Gilly in the most watched HBO’s show Game of Thrones in August 2011 for the second and third season.

Followed by the work in GOT, she landed in several roles in several films as well. In 2017, she starred in the crime drama film, Detroit.

She is very connected and has a special bonding with her GOT cast members. In an interview, she has mentioned about her on-screen match-up John Bradley, where she said,

“John likes to read me funny tweets in the car on the way home.”

She explained,

“Like pretentious actor-y things.”

Hannah further added,

“I think it’s good to laugh at them, because then you can deflate their egos a bit.”

John portrays the character of Sam in the beloved HBO series. Together, Gilly and Sam make an adorable couple.

Loved by many, the duo shared a similar childhood experience — with both of them suffering abuse. A director of the series linked the characters as “two birds with two broken wings.”

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