The story of a women who has to strip to earn enough money to save their house, because her husband is out of work.



Scene One

Ginger and Steve are in bed together and he is trying to talk Ginger into applying for the “Adult Entertainer” job advertised in an out of town newpaper that he brought home.

Mark I don’t know about stripping, it makes me uncomfortable, she said.

Look ginger its just until we get back on our feet then you can quit, I promise.

But what if someone we know see’s me in there?

Like who, he asked?

I don’t know, one of your co-workers.

I don’t have a job remember???

But we still have our friends from your job.

There married guys there not going to go in there.

If they do and they tell their wives the other women will look down on me.

If they do and tell there wives the other women will divorce them, and besides
the other women will look down on us when we lose our house, and were homeless.

I don’t know, she said doubtfully.

The closet club is thirty miles away and nobody from around here is going to see you but I hope they do…


I’m proud that my wife has a body good enough that men pay to see what I get to have for free.

Ginger laughed.

But do you really want all those those stange men seeing your wife naked.

Not for free, but if they pay you, hell yes, you deserve it.

I just don’t want to be looked down on, I have a sexual reputation to protect and men do not understand what that is like.

Who cares what they think, my opinion is the only one that matters, and I married you, what’s the problem.

I don’t want you to change the way you feel about me, she choked back tears.

Do this for me, Please Ginger, I wouldn’t ask you if we didn’t need the money and he kissed her.

I don’t even know what I have to do.

they’ll train you.

How do you know?

Well they have to, or they will tell you how to get training.

Oh yea right, stripper school.

Don’t laugh, girls strip to pay thier pay thru college.

But I’m not twenty one years old anymore.

Exactly, so you want to make the most of the time you have left, before it too late, he said.

I don’t have to be completely naked.

No, just topless, hell you’ve been topless at the beach before, remember?

I was drunk.

Well you’ll work at a bar, I’m sure they’ll encourage you to drink, let the customers spend their money on you and all that.

That might help with the Jitters…

Your a great dancer.

But Steve…

It won’t change the way I feel about you, I will still love and if you hate and quit, I won’t make you go back.

You promise, she said.

I promise, he said kissing away her tears, that kept falling.

Will you go and apply Monday. I have to go job hunting myself.

You won’t think I’m a whore?

Your stripping, not fucking, the only person your going to be fucking is me, same as before, right? He looked at her for reassurance.

She nodded.

Your my whore, then he kissed her and she laughed.

thanks, she said.

I trust you, or I wouldn’t ask you to do this is the first place, its a bit honor that I’m asking you too, you should be proud.

I just don’t want to lose you.

Then do what I say and you won’t.

She nodded again.



Scene Two: Ginger is on the phone with the house mother Betty Banks

Hi Betty, My name is Ginger and I would like to know if your hiring?

Becky the Housemother who answered the phone lauged.

“Were always hiring, we just hired two knew girls last night, who actually worked the same day, and the third is coming in tonight.”

“When will you have auditions again, Ginger asked?”

“We’ll I was going to go home early, because my son is sick, but I can call the baby sitter and tell them to wait if you can make it before three p.m? It was 10:30 a.m now.

“Really, you would do that for me, Jeanie smiled???”

“Of course, I do most of the Interviews for the management, before you actually have to go out and dance for them, Becky explained.

“Do I have to dance for them after the interview?”

“Well… no, but the main boss, Darris is here, so it might help if you did, she said in a slight souther accent?”

“Can you tell me what I need to bring then, Ginger asked?”

“Well, if you’ve come to dance, start out by bringing yourself some comfortable heels, they have to be a least 3” long. And a nice “bandage” dress, or an expensive gown and some thong underwear. Make sure the thong you’re wear is the one most comfortable for your audion. It dosen’t necessarily have to be the one that looks the best on you.

“Okay, Jeanie said making a mental note as to which ones they were, as she was writing and making bullet points.”

“How do you have to look, I am almost twenty-eight years, I’m married but no children.”

“Honey, well we have divorced women here, single womne, with three children, and stretch marks. Others with no children who you wouldn’t recognize without their makeu-up, and others old enough that they share picture of their grandchildren in the dressing room.”

“I don’t believe it, Jeanie sounded shocked.”

“Its not always the best looking girls who always makes the most money, or even get the job. Its the girls who know how to get along with the other girl, and the constant drama, which is never ending, those who can perserve and rise abover and make their customers feel special, even when their not. Those are the ones who make the most money, nomatter their average looks. No man wants to spend his hard earned money on some women who acts like a bitch, no matter how beautiful she is. He gets enough of that outside the club in the first place. And that’s the same advice I give to every girl who walks in this club. Some listen, some ignore, but the smart ones who remember always perserve.

Jeanie wrote down what Beckie had said verbatim.

“I can dance, but I have never danced at a club before professionally.”

“That’s okay we have a dance teacher that will teach the routines specifically?”


“Yes, after you get hired, they hold back a portion of your “house money” and pay her with that, so you don’t pay her directly. It’s an eight week course, once a week, for about an hour, Becky replied.”

“Is that how we learn to use the pole?”

“No, the pole is a specialty and only used by girls who are seasoned, you have to have danced a year professionally, and then there’s a seperate series of dance classes that we don’t even offer here, because it’s very difficult for any women to support her body weight on that pole, plus its dangeours, but the limited amount of things you can actually do. It just more of a prop now. The liability is so high for the girls who do use it, they have to sign a waiver.”

“Really, Jeanie asked?”

“Yea, there might have popular 20 years ago but now there used more of a decoration.

“Do I have to audition on the main stage, when I dance today?”

“No, that’s for girls who have alread had experianced. For you, and other first-timers it will be just in front of me and Darris the owner, we have a smaller room set up in the back, its like a mini stage, in fact that where the trainer will teach how to “strip” after you get hired in.

Then I have to strip on the main stage?

“We only have one stage on the floor and its long and connected, and yes, you will have to strip on the main stage but you start but it not be at night, it be in the morning, and on days when were not busy. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and afternoons with very few customers until your ready to move up.”

“What type of music shoud I bring, Ginger asked.”

“We have D.J and he has a libray of sounds, and whatever he cant get, he can download, so you choose several songs that your already comfortable stripping to. I don’t mean your one favoirte song, you should bring at least five. He may not have your first or second choice on file.

Okay, she agreed.

And Right them down and make sure you have both the correct title and artist, Bessie said.

I will.

And nothing too fast, no loud rock and roll, you want something with a beat that you can dance to, move to, sway to, even if its just a beat tract with no music, the DJ has a hunder generic tracts just for that perpose.

Do I have to get complete naked?

No, we will never get completely naked in this club, you will only strip down to your thong, but make that “comfortable” thong the smallest most revealing thong you own so you if you mess up a dance step and trip, you will still get the job. You don’t have to wear it again after that.

Ginger laughed.

And when you dance, to make it easier on yourself, pretend that Darris is your husband, and your giving him a private dance on his birthday, I will be there as well but the lights will be low. Make eyes contact with, and smile.

Jeanie felt very uncomfortable with all that.

Are you still coming down, Becky asked?

It will take me fifteen minutes to get ready, and another twenty to get there Ginger said.

That’s fine, what-ever you forget and need to do you can do it here, and I want you to take your time, don’t get into a car accident, I’m not going anywhere.

“Okay thank you Becky.”

Once last thing, I want to give you the address to make sure you have the correct one, and you park your car in the back, there’s no handle on the outside of the door, just a sign and a buzzer. You have to ring the bell and I will met you there. It might take me a minute thou.

Okay Ginger said.

And make sure you look just as good coming here in your street clothes, and you do when you undress inside. Skinny Jeans and a tight top are fine. You always want to look your best coming in and leaving this club. Do you understand. You are always being watched. They even camera’s outside the building for the parking lot.

Yes Becky.

When you shower, make sure you douche anyway, and do not wear too much perfume, the girls sweat and they constantly apply perfume to over cominsate, us an unsented anti-persperant instead.

Yes Becky.

Becky laughed, Your going to be just fine kid.

Thank You, Ginger was so nervous that now she was shaking.

You said that you were married, Becky asked?

Yes, I am, Ginger said shyly.

“Well you make sure to show up alone, this club does not like boyfriends or husbands hanging around, and that goes for ex-boyfriends too. He can drop you off and then he has to leave. He cannot wait for you in the parking lot or even come in the club while your auditoning, we have had too many problems. You call him to pick you up after the interview.

No, it won’t be a problem, I’m coming alone.

Okay good.

One hour, Ginger repeated.

No, Make it ninety minutes, Becky said and then she laughed hanging up the phone.

To be conitinued…



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