Greeting Brethren,

I am a writer who created a new genre called Eros Macabre (which is really just a combination of horror and erotica).

Someone challenged me by saying that Bram Stoker created that with Dracula, but I couldn’t find it.

Dracula may have been Erotic, but scary?


What are the two most popular types of films?

Porn and Horror.

Sure you have the new Star Wars or Jurassic World every Summer, but there always that haunting feeling of “been here-done that.”

Because you have been.

I don’t rewrite the Batman story every five years.

I am original. That’s how I gauge my success. Not by how many books I sold or how many fans I have. If I have told you a story that you have never heard before, I did my job.

I don’t know why but for some reason they have tried to mix genre’s before, like Horror and Comedy.

Both good in their own respect, but horrible together. Like Peanut Butter and Ketchup, instead of Peanut Butter and Jelly.

I got it right thou.

My first book, was about a beautiful thirteen year old redhead who practiced witch-craft to protect herself from being Raped and Incest. It was so realistically written that Amazon banned the printed version and you can only order the uncut version from my personal website called Pay-hip, and that is only available in E-format.

Before I ever stated writing I was an inventor (not a scientist), so I tried to built working proto-types which is very expensive. Thousands of dollars can easily be invested in an idea, for a working prototype that will never see the light of day. Whether you get a patent for it or not.

As for me, a man who came from nothing. I started writing stories (fiction) usually set in the near-future and mentioned my inventions as an attempt to copyright them, then I started this website to build a following with short stories (all mine and original), in an attempt to build an audience that would actually buy my novels. Then with that money I could actually built the prototypes that I mentioned in my books.

Sounds great on paper huh???

That was almost 20 years ago, and here we are. So if you have never heard of me, its not by choice. I have been perfecting my craft and building my confidence for many, many, years.

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There are plenty of other free sites out there, but I cannot have people stealing every original idea I ever had and claiming it as there own by putting it on their web-site instead.

I have people who do nothing but go on my site to steal all of my original ideas, and nothing else. That’s why most of my content is locked now.

I have spend the last eight years since 2010 making this the greatest entertainment site in the world, and I deserve that recognition. I don’t advertise anyone except my own products, and I built it up from nothing. You have to respect that.


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