Flash Gun

I grabbed one of the incident-cameras from one of the many Security stations, a Polaroid fixed-focus instant camera with black-and-white film, and I took these photos at around 2:00 AM when no one was about. It’s all I have, this was back in 1981.

Notice the organic design, the curves … nothing at all like ours. There is no trigger on this weapon either. You simply have to think to employ is devastating nature. What results is a liquid plasma burst so intense that it literally melts your body, or anything it touches instantly.

The power source for the weapon lasts for up to 60 years maybe more as far as we know, it’s still going and uses some sort of fusion technology that we simply do not understand. It has a torch (a light) up front and has lighted areas on the sides indicating its status. Super low blue lighting means a low-charge status which is essentially off.

And when all six lights are a high fluorescent blue color mode, it means that it is fully powered up; charged and ready for engagement, battle.           

In case you are curious, yes I’ve used the weapon many times. And they are not to be used by the untrained as a person can inflict considerable damage without realizing it.

For instance, all I needed to do was think “Fire” and it sent out a devastating blast.

Don’t ask me how, but the soldier who was chased in the corridor back in 1940 successfully used this weapon. The one in the photo is the one from that very engagement, and it has never lost its power source. During 1979 the Dissident Greys used these exact weapons to repel the human forces.


Source: Anthony Sanchez



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