1. Deportation

If Mexico doesn’t accept deportation, execute them all immediately. They don’t have any rights, because there not citizens in the first place. They have the right to be executed for the crimes that they have committed in our country.

The Mexican President/Drug Cartel doesn’t take care of his own citizens, he wants Donald Trump to do it instead, that’s not a leader he’s not even a man. The Mexican people are poor, but proud, and that cock-sucker wants to take even that from them.

The MS-13 have the a place to stay, three meals a day, cable TV, access to a weights, so they can get become even stronger and more dangerous. Free education, even thou nobody will ever higher them, and the best medical and dental the state can provide. Meanwhile our homeless vets are being denied benefits on a daily basis by the VA, as standard procedure.

  1. Death Penalty in Mandatory in every state

The Prison is not a punishment, only the Death Penalty is, Prison is status to thugs, criminals and drug-dealers. It’s a finishing school, for gangsta, who want to make it big as rappers. It gives them credibility, and notoriety, that equates to sales in the black community.