Why I hate the Middle Easterners

A lot of people think I hate party store owners because they send their money to Isis, instead of using it to pay their taxes (you know that 7 year loop hole that extends to infinity), since the Jimmy Carter Administration.

This is not the only reason.

One time I was a landlord who inherited a bunch of Arabian tenants, and the other non-Arabian tenants complained about them constantly, and it had to do with the smell.

So the first month when I went over to collect the rent and introduce myself as the new landlord, they asked me to stay for dinner.

I wasn’t going to, because I had to return home to my son’s birthday party, but I had to ask, “What are you cooking, because it smelled like death?”

They pulled back the tinfoil and like the reenactment from Indiana Jones in the Temple of Doom, I saw a sheep head, the eyes still attached, and we were looking at each other, We both had the same expression on our face.





“No thank you, I said trying not to vomit.

One of them  gave me a toy to take home to my son, Johnny, as a present, called the “Ghetto See and Sez,”

These were the animals from the city and not the farmyard.

He found it in the trash because that was their second job. Junkers.

It was filthy but If I I refused to accept it, it might have have been a horrible insult to their culture, and I didn’t want them to burn down my triplex, just for them to save “face.”

So I cleaned it up and gave it my son, but out of the 12 animals only one of them worked.

It was the “City” Pig, I know this, because my son pulled the string, in front of all the other children (and their parents),

….and the Pig yelled, “FREEZE MOTHER FUCKER!!!!”

But they didn’t, everybody left instead.

Here is the video our son Johnny re-enacting what happened at his party the next day at school, lucky for us the teacher had someone film it because she wanted to put her class project on the school website.


Now I’m divorced.

The first one in my family -ever!!!


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