Cut the Cord

Cut the Cord


I used to have cable and they had a tv guide that premiered nothing but garbage on it. It was a single page of electronic scrolling that trailed downward and repeated in a loop. It read something like this:

700 Club

Cooking Channel

Foreign News


Little House on the Prairie

Local News



Re-runs of The Price is Right 

PPV (Once you landed on these, you could not just leave, it had a automated 3-second pause, that kept you there). I thought something was wrong with my remote. 

And then one day I realized that the cable company had mixed in adult titles with the regular movies so that you could order them on-line too. They tried to be sneaky but the names always gave them away. 


Example List:



Black Widow

Black Panther

Big Tit Nymphos



Citizen Kane


King Kong

Star Wars

Crack Whores

Stinky Bitches

Naughty MILFS

Wild and Wet Schoolgirls!!!

and my personal favorite, My mama likes Black-Cock!!!

She does not, I asked her. That was it. I fucking lost it. I was paying for nothing but advertisements: adult porn, infomercials, and shit television that was so bad, I didn’t watch them the first time they ran, and that was over 30 years ago, i.e Magnum P.I, Hart to Hart, Macgyver. 

I cancelled my cable and so should you. And stop going to the movies. Fuck Hollywood. Fuck Net flicks. Learn to steal from your neighbors router. 

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