I will be writing a story about this but for now…

I had a friend who killed himself and he left me his “Kit Cat Clock” and the eyes moved back and forth constantly, it was battery operated. But the eyes seemed to get stuck whenever I would look up at the clock to check the time.

It was like whenever the “clock” noticed me watching it, the eyes would start moving again, and when I started watching television again, I would see out of my peripheral vision the eyes had stopped again.

I always felt like I was being watched by the clock and the eyes would follow me whenever I walked in the room or left the room. I eventual sold the clock at a yard sale for quarter but then I heard that something happened to the guy who bought it. He died in a car accident two months later, and everything he owned was sold in an estate sale, including the Kit Cat Clock, so if you have this clock, it might be the one.


Curse of the Kit Cat Clock Copyrighted 2018