Close Encounter

AMERICAN special forces engaged in a massive firefight with ALIENS who had established a base deep below the New Mexico desert.

The jaw-dropping revelations were made by a civil engineer called Phil Schneider who worked on secret military projects deep underground in Dulce, New Mexico.

Over 77 soldiers and civilians were killed as extra-terrestrial GREYS, armed with PLASMA GUNS went toe-to-toe with US Delta Forces in the so-called Dulce Battle.

Philip Schneider (whose father was involved with the development of the atomic bomb), said he was forced to sign secrets documents but later went on to reveal the American military was working with an alien race of Greys building under joint subterranean bases.

Grey aliens, also referred to as Zeta Reticulans, Roswell Greys, Greys, or Grays, have become the accepted face of aliens on Earth – almost half of all alien sighting claims in the USA refer to this type of grey alien.

The Alien Grey is also linked directly to the Roswell Incident in which a UFO containing live aliens was allegedly seized by the military at Roswell, which is also in New Mexico.

But Mr Schneider’s story took a jaw-dropping turn when he described one occasion when things turned nasty and resulted in what has become known in UFO circles as The Dulce Battle.

Dulce Battle expert Anthony Sanchez, author of the UFO Highway, and the founder of Umbra Research, a group dedicated to understanding the hidden aspects and mystery behind the UFO/ET phenomenon, said: “In 1979 he says when they sunk a shaft during some mining exploration to see if they could build a similar subterranean base they discovered a very old cavern system where Greys extra-terrestrials had a base.”

Schneider says the unexpected arrival of the Alien Greys prompted terror, and immediately he drew his sidearm and fired.

He said he killed two of them, before being hit with some kind of plasma weapon which sheared off a portion of his hand.”

But he added he escaped when one of the special forces sent down threw him in the bucket and hit the lever for him to return to the surface. He escaped  with data and information which would subsequently form the basis of stealth cloaking technology.

Mr Sanchez added: “Military units – Seals and Delta Forces – went down there and engaged in a fire-fight with these tall Greys.

“All military personnel and scientists were killed.

In 1996 shortly after Mr Schneider went public he was found strangled to death in his apartment.

The cause of death was officially said to be suicide.

Anyone who exposes the illegal activities of the United States Government after their murdered, is automatically ruled a suicide. 

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