Chapter 5: Seduction of the Pentagram


Before Mark’s confession, Jeanie was very careful about what she wore over his house. No short-shorts, no low-cut tops, or shirts with plunging necklines, and no bikini’s. She always wore a one-piece when swimming. No exceptions.
She was very self-conscious about what she wore in front of both his parents, but for completely different reasons.
If Marks father was home Jeanie would even wear a T-shirt over her one-piece. Secretly Jeanie avoided Mark’s father, even now and then she caught him looking at her just a second longer than appropriate. Mark seemed oblivious to this, and Jeanie wanted to keep it that way, she never told him. He said that both his parents adored her and that she could do no wrong.
“Are you sure, Jeanie asked?”
“I’m positive, they went shopping ten minutes ago, and they won’t be home for a least two hours, Mark assured her.”
Jeannie looked doubtful as she removed her shorts and t-shirt underneath to reveal a skimpy fluorescent pink bikini. She was a knock-out. And soon Mark would be getting his standing-eight count. He knew better than to watch her undress because Jeanie could become self-conscious, even in front of Mark, even though Mark had seen her completely naked many times before.
In fact, they had been naked in front of each other, and had once even showered together. Jeanie was very comfortable being naked in front of Mark, but she was very uncomfortable with the possibility of being caught naked with Mark, by his parents.
“Mark, please don’t make me do this, she begged.”
“Woman, do not make me repeat myself, he answered.”
You promise me you’ll listen for your parent’s car, so I can dress before they walk in on us, Jeanie needed reassurance.
“Yes, yea, Mark said dismissively.”
He was acting a little too cocky for her lately, and she felt the need to remind him that she was aware of it.
“If your mom catches me in this bikini I promise you this will be the last time you ever see it on me again, Jeanie threatened.”
“She won’t, Mark softened.”
Jeanie looked at him skeptically, “I would be so embarrassed Mark, I don’t care how much you begged me it would never happen again, she warned him trying but also tried not to sound overly-angry.”
Mark knew she was bluffing,
“Jeanie, I know better than to risk anything as important as this, he said smiling, and then pulled down his glasses to inspect her from top to bottom.”
Jeanie could become very angry very quickly, but then equally forgiving. Mark covered the two lounge chairs with long beach towel, as she undressed behind him. He covered the thick, two-colored white and blue plastic stripes that were supposed to be heat-resistant but became too hot in the July Sun.
And when he turned around to hand Jeanie her Diet-Coke, both his eyes, and his cock immediately popped out. He was always stunned by her immediate nakedness, as if each time was the first time.
He tried to hide his erection by adjusting his over-sized cargo shorts. Mark didn’t have any shorts underneath them because they would confine his erection and become confrontable over time. This would be an on-going process especially if Jeanie started bouncing or bent-over unintentionally. When he dreamt about her, he would sleep in sweats or completely naked for the same reason.
Woman you are beautiful, he marveled.
Jeanie pretended not to notice his erection, “Sit down fool, your embarrassing yourself.”
Mark laughed so hard, he almost lost his erection.
Jeanie let her dark cinnamon colored hair spill down over her shoulders and shook it out. Mark loved the way it bounced and shined, but he still preferred that Jeanie wore it up. It was long enough now that she could wear it up but still hide the pentagram birthmark on the back of her neck.
“Will you wear your hair up, he asked?”
Nobody could make Jeanie as mad, so fast as Mark, without even trying. The effect he had on her was amazing, even she had to marvel at his power sometimes.
Let your top down so you don’t get “strap” marks, he suggested.”
Jeanie wanted to smack him, but she let it go, “As soon as they know you love them, they start acting like jerks, Jeanie commented.”
“That’s only so you’ll stay in love with me, Mark replied.”
Jeanie lied down and decided to get comfortable, she had cramps.
“Jeannie, did you want me to put lotion on your back, Mark asked?”
“Yes, but only if there’s no sunblock in it, otherwise I won’t tan, she replied.”
“No problem, Mark said.”
Mark had been mixing sunblock in with her lotion for weeks, and without Jeanie’s knowledge to prevent her from getting burned.
Redheads were especially susceptible to the sun, and he could not stand to see her suffer, especially the way her skin turned lobster red, it was horrible.
Jeanie, a natural redhead, who sunburned first and then as her skin healed, became lighter, but never tanned in the ordinary, sense. The pigments in her skin were already too red.
“Jeannie, I don’t want you to get any darker, Mark started complaining so she wouldn’t get suspicious about the sunblock he mixed, I like your white-ness, Mark said.”
If he didn’t complain, Jeanie might get suspicious, and wonder why he hadn’t, then she would stop using his lotion and start using her own.
Jeanie pulled her sunglasses down, “Whiteness,” she asked sounding both annoyed and confused?”
“Yea, whiteness, I love the “whiteness” of your completion, Mark explained.”
It’s like a fine porcelain, he said.
“There’s no such word as “Whiteness,” Jeanie quipped.”
“Alabaster-ness, then, he pronounced the word hyphenated.”
“What’s the difference, Jeanie asked?”
“You’ve heard of fifty shades of gray?”
“Yes, Jeanie replied.”
“Your fifty shades of white, he teased her.”
“Fifty shades of white, she took the bait, as she loved to hear this man make a fool of himself. It was charming.”
“Like snowflakes, he said.”
“Snowflakes are only one color, she argued, it’s the shapes that make them different.”
“Not true my pet.”
“Are you telling me snow is different shades of white?
“Indeed I am.”
“Well how come I’ve never seen the variance then , she asked?”
You are more perspective of the darker things in life, and I am more perspective of the lighter things, and that’s why we are so good together.
Jeanie was impressed, Mark had an instinct for details, and who knew, maybe he was right?
She frequently wore sun-glasses during the day and always kept them with her, even when she the sun wasn’t out. Her eyes were that sensitive to the light.
“Well I hope one day to be as perspective to the light as you are, Jeanie said?”
“Indeed, like snow thru the hourglass so melt the flakes of our lives.”
Jeanie once mentioned that she used to watch soap operas with her mother instead of cartoons like most girls her same age.
The open monologue of Days of our Lives would haunt her forever, so Mark was teasing her. It was a private joke.
Jeanie smiled, but she did not laugh.
“Tanning is overrated anyway, he said.”
“I’ll never know, just look at how “orange” I’m am from yesterday, then she showed him the underside of her arm; she already had the color of a mild rash.
Jeanie’s white completion was flawlessly beautiful, but very high maintenance, everything left a blemish, or a mark, she was more sensitive to hot and cold, the chlorine had to be reduced to less than the minimum, and even then, she could not stay in longer than fifteen minutes and had to wash off in the shower.
She had allergic reactions, to many common foods, and even broke out with acne from stress.
She always wore sunglasses during sunny-days, and sometimes every cloudy one as well. Otherwise she would get headaches. But what surprised Mark, was that Jeanie could not ingest salt, not even as a seasoning. It was like she was allergic to it.
As she lifted her arms, her large breasts rose, and he was glad now that had replaced almost all the suntan lotion, with sunblock lotion instead. And then he examined her cleavage.
Very impressive.
“Ouch, that does look painful, Mark agreed.”
“It is, so please be mindful, which was Jeanie’s way of telling him not to touch her.”
Mark loved Jeanie, and he respected her boundaries, but that didn’t mean that he didn’t stop trying to breach them.
She told him that he had to be patient. It’s not that she didn’t want him, but she had to complete a series of mental and emotional exercises before she could go further, and she was still working on them at their various levels.  It wasn’t him, it was her!!!
Mark just thought maybe she still had her doubts about him, and that she wanted to make sure that he didn’t leave her after right after they had sex. All girls feared that.
“Turn over, Mark said.”
“Okay but be quick because you know I can’t lay on my stomach for too long, it hurts my boobies, Jeanie said in her little girl voice, that she reserved only for him.
Mark would be careful as he knew she would be starting her period soon, and that was when her very large breasts were especially tender. And off limits.
He had had already learned that the hard way.
When Jeanie was on her period, she could become a different person.
A Hellion.
Jeanie was born a Gemini, the twins, so she had a split personality to begin with. Add to that her red headed heritage of both Scottish and Irish blood, and sometimes you had a woman with two personalities who were even at odds with each other.
Then you add the emotional volatility or her menstrual cycle in, and you had the perfect storm. Her mood swings could become so violent that not even a dangerous amount of medication could control them.  Jeanie got so bad that on those days that she refused to see Mark. Refused to abuse him, as she called it, for loving her.
On those dreary days, she preferred to be alone and miserable in her solitude. She would watch a movie on the Lifetime channel upstairs in her bedroom, alone and eating chocolate ice-cream (with sprinkles), and then call Mark to tell him that the spokesman from the AT&T commercial said something (stupid) that reminded her or him, and then she would start bawling her eyes out.
Mark would come running over with chocolates, Cheeto’s, Midol, whatever he thought might make her feel better. Jeanie would always meet him at the door waiting, because her parents would not let him in their house. She would tearfully accept it, kissing him on the cheek, and then ask him if he still loved her.
Oh, course I still love you, and then she would nod, kiss him on the cheek again and then slam the door on his face, so she could hurry back upstairs to finish watching the movie before the commercial breaks ended.
One period Mark brought Jeanie over an electronic massager for her feet that also had a heater, this made eve her worst periods more tolerable, her feet were small and very tender, and it helped her with her overall agitation as well.
She used it with every period, thereafter, and every night in the winter, whether she was on it or not. It was one of the most practical gifts Mark had ever bought her and she so grateful that broke down and cried, thanking him for being so understanding.
“Just do my belly, she suggested?”
She loved it when he rubbed her belly especially when she had cramps.
Mark started rubbing again, then Jeanie stopped him, “Here, wait, then she undid the knot that kept her top on.”
The “suntan” lotion was cool and creamy, and it smelled of coconut. He rubbed the white lotion into Jeanie’s skin until it disappeared. Mark wondered if Jeannie ever got as turned on as he did.
“I hate bikini marks, Jeanie, said, interrupting his thoughts.”
“It ruins a perfect tan, Mark agreed.”
“I really should go to the tanner, Jeanie said.”
“No, don’t do that, I heard those things are dangerous, Mark said.”
“What do you mean dangerous, Jeanie, asked?”
“Well, I heard those tanners cook you from the inside out, like a Microwave oven, Mark replied.”
Microwave Oven, she repeated.
Yea, one time I read a story called “15 Seconds” by this Jason Gabriel Kondrath guy, and it was about this freak who cut off another guy’s head, but then stuck it in a microwave because he didn’t die fast enough.
Ewwwww, Jeanie replied, what a horrible man he must be to write
Such garbage.
“Some people think he’s a genius.”
“Not me.”
“Didn’t you hear about that tanner lady, Mark asked?”
“No, is a local, Jeanie teased?”
“Actually, I think she was from Nebraska,
Jeanie had moved from Nebraska.
So, what about her?
“There was this lady, and she was going on vacation the next day, but she wanted to look tan before she actually left, so she went from one tanner and then another, until she was cooked her liver.
That’s just an urban legend, Jeanie said.
No, it really happened, he said.
“Why did she wait until the day before, why not the week before, she asked?”
“Because she was from Nebraska, Mark said.”
“I don’t like where this is going, Jeanie replied.”
I guess after the fourth salon, she collapsed, and the employees called an ambulance to rush her to the hospital. The doctors told her that she was lucky to be alive, Mark explained.”
“Was she able to go on vacation?”
“Yea, she was the one bandaged up like a mummy on the sun deck, Mark said with a straight face.”
“Well I’m not going on vacation anytime soon, Jeanie assured him.”
“Right those things are dangerous.
Sun decks?
No tanners?
“Bad for your liver, Jeanie, replied.”
“Do you have any idea how long the waiting list is for one of the things, Mark asked?”
“Tanning bed, I have no idea?
“No, not a tanning bed, a liver, Mark played along exacerbated?”
“No idea on that one either, Jeanie answered.”
“Well, if you go to the tanner, don’t ask me to give you one of mine, because I won’t do, it.”
“But honey, Jeanie pouted, you said you loved me.”
I do, but you were warned in advance, so I can’t reward foolishness, Mark said.”
“That’s so hurtful, Jeanie replied, you’re like a stranger to me after that story.”
“You already have my heart, isn’t that enough, Mark asked?”
“Oh, any girl can get a guy’s heart, Jeanie said unimpressed, but if she can get him to donate his liver, while he’s still using it, then, she’s done something.
“No dice pebbles, a man has to live by a code, Mark said.”
What code, she asked, and don’t call me Pebbles!!!
What would you do with my liver any way, he asked, Sell it on the black market?
“No, eat it raw, she shot back without missing a beat.”
Mark laughed, Well, Valentine’s Day is coming up.
“You remembered, she asked.”
“Only because if I didn’t, you never let me forget it.”
“How about a tanning bed instead than, she offered?”
“Forget it, then he waved his hand thru the air, indicating that he was finished talking about it.”
When he did that he reminded Jeanie of his father, that what his father also did. And it was obvious. It always bothered her whenever she could see his father in him.
“Will you do up my top please, so I can turn over.”
“Is the pool-house locked, she asked?”
“I have to pee she said embarrassed.”
“C’mon let me check for you as he offered his hand to help her up.”
Jeanie stood up and crossed her arms, to help support the weight off her extremely large breasts and to help keep them from bouncing. Mark tried the door, it was open, so he didn’t need the key, his father would check it at night, to make sure it was locked, in case Mark forgot to.
Sometimes he left the key on top sometimes he did not, so mark had an extra one made (actual two) without his knowledge.
The pool house was just supposed to be a changing room for guests, but it was equipped with a half-bath.
Jeanie used it to shower after swimming as the sodium burned her skin.
Mark was grateful for the privacy the changing room offered. He led her in and then locked the door behind them. Jeanie went to the toilet.

“May I pee, she asked, before she undressed and sat down?”“Ewwwww, he said, imitating her voice.”
“Well them leave then, Jeanie said, shoo-ing him out.
I never asked you to come in the first place, she reminded him.”
“No, no, go on, he insisted.”
“I can’t now, you’ll think I’m gross, Jeanie replied.”
“No, I won’t Mark promised.”
She folded the towel put it on top of the sink then pulled her bottoms down. Jeanie leaned forward and crossed her arms more for warmth than modesty.
Mark watched her, she looked away, she was so sexy, so vulnerable, and so feminine, Mark was going to make her suck his cock right here before it exploded.
“Would you go get my clothes please, so I
can finish my business and get dressed before your parents get home, Jeanie asked.”
Mark crawled toward her as she flushed cleaning herself and flushed the toilet. When he approached, she was still sitting down, so he pushed her back gently exposing her large breasts which were even bigger when they swelled near her period and towered down to her lap. He kissing her until her large pink nipples became erect. Then he became bolder as he put his hands between her knees, and slowly separated them until it became uncomfortable.
“Mark, what are you doing, she asked?”
“I just wanted to tell you how much I love you, he said.”
“You told me that outside, Jeanie replied.”
“Sometimes I don’t even want to share you with the outside world, Mark stated.”
“I’m done now, so we better go, Jeanie replied.”
“Jeannie I’ve been wanting to give you something for a while but there never seemed to be the right time.”
She stopped him and examined some of her “water-resistant” make-up that got transferred over from her face unto his. Then she rolled down some more of the toilet paper from the dispenser to wipe it off him.
When she finished, Mark picked up right where he left off, and started kissing her again.
Yea well this is still “not” the right time she thought to herself as her breasts started aching again.
“Look if this is what you wanted to give me you can forget it, she said, your parents are going to come home any second, I can just feel it.”
She stood up but made sure that her sex was as close to his face as she could get without touching him as she slowly pulled up her bikini bottoms that struggled to cover it.
Then she kissed him playfully on top of his head and told him that she loved him too.
After she washed her hands she grabbed the towel to cover herself before walking outside again. Mark was still kneeling as she finished.
“Are you getting up?” Jeannie asked?”
“You said you wanted me to be your slave, he replied, reminding her of the beach.”
“You already are baby, so I command you to rise, Jeanie smiled.”
“Oh, believe me I have, he answered.”
Jeanie turned away embarrassed. Every time Mark tried to take advantage of Jeanie or become overly aggressive he suddenly became conflicted with guilt.
Why was he confused?
He knew the difference between sex and love, that was a women’s dilemma, not a man’s.
He had already been more than patient. Now his friends were hounding him for details. It was unlike him to hesitate, especially when he knew the girl had already fallen for him.
Mark desperately tried to exploit any opportunity he had, as they had very few moments alone together. Mark was beginning to wonder more and more if there wasn’t something to Jeanie’s Wicca after all.
Recently Jeanie told him that she would continue her studies of Wicca with another school and joined a coven. Mark was starting to worry, all this Wicca nonsense was well and good before they were married, but afterward she would have to give it up. She would have his children to raise instead.
He was old-fashioned, and he told her that from the start, he didn’t want no non-sense, femdom, voodoo-doll, witch-craft, mumble-jumble, bullshit in his life, she was just going to have to grow up.
Jeanie had applied for a new coven, because she was having problems with her studies and only a more experienced practitioner could help her get to the next “level.” What the
When she approached the elders, of the “Earth, Wind, Water and Fire Tabernacle, she pleaded her case for membership.
Normally no minor, anyone under the age of 20 was even allowed to submit a request. And she was turned away. But Jeanie submitted a heartfelt appeal (in blood no less), that granted her a counsel.
Her heartfelt story had the counsel deliberating until Jeanie was granted her a second consideration, then she was drilled for almost three hours from Midnight to 3am under a full moon, and she confessed everything, again, and again, and in every detail no matter how small or big, how boastful or embarrassing.
How she was responsible for the death of another woman, and how Mark had revealed her himself as her soul mate. But it was the marking on the back of her neck that disturbed the council the most. None of them had ever seen that before, not even Mother Hazel the Elder could decipher its meaning.
“That is the mark of an evil child, Vera, Hazels sister confirmed.”
“She may be the one to destroy us all Charlotte, her other sister, agreed.
Mother Hazel told her that they would be in contact, and the final vote was between her the twelve members of the coven six for, and six against, with Mother Hazel, being the deciding vote and the last one needed to approve her.
This was a probational membership for thirteen years, any deviation of the Coven guild stones would result in the expulsion of both Jeanie and Mother Hazel.
This honor of Mother Hazel, senior member, and chairperson, for lack of a better description, personally vouching for Jeanie, a young woman that she knew almost nothing about, cannot be overemphasized. This was normally reserved between mother’s and daughter’s. The honor bestowed upon her was of the highest. In almost sixty years even Hazels two sisters Charlotte and Vera had never heard of such a thing, they were both shocked.
Mother Hazel’s two sisters, both turned to here after Jeanie was gone, and whispered to Hazel the elder, “I hope that child will not be the end of Ya dearie.”
Instantly Mother Hazel responded, “And what in blazes are ye worried about Ya jealous crow, my curse from that child would still be your blessing in surrogate, haven’t you been itching for my position for over ten-thousand days, now?!!
And then they three of them cackled in unison as old woman sometimes do.
“I did remember Valentine’s Day, it’s on Tuesday, I wanted to mention it before you did because father is forcing me to go with him and his cronies from downtown for some fucking business retreat.
I already told him I don’t want to go but he’s forcing me, so if I’m not back by Tuesday I wanted to give you your gift early.
A gift, she asked?
Mark, while still kneeing, pulled out a small black velvet box from his cargo shorts and opened it. It revealed a very expensive platinum heart on a matching chain. It wasn’t the type of locket that held a small photo, but the heart was big enough for an inscription.
“Platinum, Oh, Mark, it’s beautiful, Jeanie said.”
Jeanie would not wear any metal, except Platinum, not even Gold.
Mark made sure that he went to several respectable Jewelers in the Mall and had each of them explain how to determine the differences between Platinum from Silver or White Gold.
“You know your jewelry, Mark said.”
“It’s a girl thing, Jeanie said modestly.”
“M” plus “J” was written in cursive, on the front, and descended attractively at an angle.
“I tried to personalize it, Mark said.”
Jeanie flipped it over, and on the back, it read “Spellbinder,” in the same script.”
“You think so, she laughed knowingly.”
“Star” was the name given to her by her new coven and it meant Spellbinder.
That was her Wicca name, but no one outside her coven was supposed to know that, she unknowingly mentioned it to Mark in passing, only because it had slipped in idol conversation.
It was considered forbidden knowledge for outsiders like Mark to know her Wicca name, but the harder she tried to repress things from him, the more naturally they came out.
When she confessed to the Elders what had happened, it was decided that Jeanie was to be punished for her carelessness, which was becoming more and more of a habit with him.
Mother Hazel, her mentor had to be the one to give Jeanie the strap, and she smacked her 13 times, mostly on her back and a few on her rear, but she tried to be careful not to hit her in the same spot twice. The other women complained that Mother Hazel had “pulled her punches” with Jeanie, and not punished her adequately.
“Why don’t ye come over ere and let me show you how soft my lashes are, Mother Hazel threatened any women brave enough to step forward.”
Jeanie never cried out, but when they were alone, Jeanie saw Mother Hazel in tears, so she ran to hold her.
“Forgive me Mother Superior, for making you punish me.”
“Surely this has hurt me, more than it did ye child, hence that cursed phrase.
Can you ever forgive me Jeanie begged?
Only if you kill me first before I have to punish ye again, she said tearfully.
“Never, Jeanie promised her, and they both started laughing.”
“You’ve a soft heart for a witch child, but don’t ye worry were going to beat that out of you if the spirt is willing. And then she raised the same strap, held it high and motioned like she was going to hit Jeanie across the face with it, but Jeanie never flinches, and she threw into the nearby fire instead.
But not with you, Ya dirty bastard.”
Then they both laughed again, and Jeanie kissing her cheek before she got dressed, Mother had a profound sense of both wit and wisdom.
Jeanie was a Gemini, the twins, so sometimes certain aspects of Jeanie’s Wiccan personality came out and when they did Mark would call her second personality “Star.” Because sometimes Jeanie acted more like Star than Jeanie.
Star could be fickle, mean-spirited, insulting, flaky, and worst of all annoying. And Mark would let her know when she was by calling her Star when she acted like it. Now this was not done with insult or malice but to let her know which of her two personalities were dominant.
Whenever he did, Jeanie always warned him not to do it again. Jeanie told him that she was aware of both her personalities, and that she could be a girl divided. But still that did not warrant her calling her that.
One time he called her Star three times in one day, and Jeanie snapped at him instantly, “Don’t you sass me boy.” Then warned him that if he did it again she would not be allowed to see him again until after her next period. As menstruation was a cleansing process.
A woman called by her Wiccan name was a thing of honor, to be used by her family and friends within that inner circle. But to an outsider, someone outside the coven, it was not just inappropriate but insulting, like introducing her as his favorite whore, at a family reunion.
Mark loved her Wiccan name “Star” and that was what he really wanted to engrave on the platinum heart, but he knew if he did Jeanie would not wear it.
So, Mark asked her if he could refer to her as Spellbinder instead, Jeanie said that name would only be acceptable if used as an inscription and giving as a gift.
“Would you help me put it on, she asked?”
“Of course, Mark said standing up.”
She turned around. Now they were both facing the mirror. Jeanie had her hair held up the way he found her most desirable.
She would wear it up for him now that it was long enough to still cover the marking on the back of her neck; her Pentagram. She had to lift her hair high enough so that he could fasten the clasp and when she did, he accidentally saw her five-pointed star.
Mark studied the design; the color was hypnotic. It was about the size of a quarter, an inch below her hairline, and centered perfectly on the back of her neck.
How does it look she asked?
Beautiful, Mark answered dreamily?
Jeanie saw his reflection and he looked mesmerized, so she released her hair immediately, to Mark it seemed to fall in slow motion, like a movie watched at quarter-speed. Frame by frame he saw it cascade down until completion.
In real-time it might has lasted for less than a second, but for him like a boxer who had been knocked senseless he was still standing but receiving his count. And in that moment, he was indeed, spellbound.
Jeanie glowed with a sex appeal that rivaled Marilyn Monroe in her hey-day. Mark was captivated just like he was that first day he met her. When Jeanie’s “sex appeal” was on it attracted him like an electro-magnet. Suddenly he was powerless before her.
Mark would have given her his soul. He kissed her neck and ear lobes, while he rubbed her flat belly, but avoided her large breasts as he knew they were tender.
“Jeannie, you are impossible to resist.”
I can help you with that, she said and went for the door. But Mark spun her around like a dance move from the Tango and stopped her short to face him.
Now they were inches apart. Jeanie considered his eyes, they had glazed over and had the look of passion, possession, and perversion. She swallowed hard.
You see the initials on that platinum heart I gave you, he asked her in a sleepy voice?”
“Yes, she said softly.”
“One day I’m going to brand you with my initials as well, Mark said.”
“Brand Me, Jeanie shook her head, but Why?”
So, everyone will know you belong to me?
Jeanie laughed nervously, “Oh, everyone already knows that?”
“Everyone here, but one day were leaving.”
“And going where, she asked?”
“It doesn’t matter where, hither I go you follow, he said.”
“I’m only asking because I can get a passport instead…”
Then he touched her bottom and jabbed her roughly.
“Hey, she quipped, that hurt.”
“That’s where I’m going to brand you, he showed her.”
Jeanie was hoping the spell would be broken when she covered the pentagram with her hair, but Mark was still under its influence. And therefore, Jeanie would be very careful in the future to never wear her hair up for him, if it means revealing her marking.
Maybe the lasting effect also had something to do with the pheromones she produced on and near her menstrual cycle as well, there was always overlap.
But in the moment, he was not joking; she could feel his rock-hard erection pressed against her stomach. Now they were both breathing heavy.
Outside it was bright and cheerful, but inside the pool house, it was dim, even with the light on, Mark could still see the bright colors of her “birthmark” burning in his memory.
It seemed to glow in a fluorescent orange, the color of fire. The glow of a brand that had just come out of the blast furnace. Jeanie instinctively knew to always keep it covered, now she had gotten careless. It affected Mark in unpredictable ways, which each effect on him compounding in a cumulative fashion.
She didn’t understand its power, or why it affected Mark the way it did, but she hated it, and if possible, one day she would try and have it removed.
It brought out Mark’s dark side whenever he saw it. To her it was a symbol of sexual perversion; one that always brought out the worst in him and all men.
There was an old legend in Wicca, about a young head-strong girl, who was coming of age, and legend had it that she too had a marking and it affected the men of her village sexually, and she was terrified, of how they reacted once she learned the marking was behind their behavior.
So, she asked her mother what to do?
Her mother told her that any man who looked upon it would become overwhelmed with lust, and even take her by force if necessary, so to always keep it hidden. But when she got older she asked her mother about sex, and the submissive position of missionary, the submissive position that woman was supposed to assume during it, and how she hated it.
This stemmed all the way back to Lilith, Adams first wife who bore him Cain that slew Able, his second son from his second wife Eve.
Sex, Witchcraft and Femdom were an empowerment to woman, so she did she would not be defined as weaker, even thou men were physically stronger. Her mother explained to her that being on the bottom (missionary) was not necessarily submissive, and deceptively an advantage as a woman could control more and was able to manipulate easier. She was referring to both speed and rhythm, and to some extent the amount of weight.
But what if a man forces her into a submissive position like how the animals mate?
She was referring to being taken from behind.
Once he sees the symbol, he will become entranced; a prisoner of his own lust. That is the weakness of all men. With each attempt he will become more enslaved until at the snap of your fingers, he will drop to his hands and knees and beg to lick the bottom of your sandals (Stiletto’s had not been invented yet) and humiliate himself even in public.
Her mother told her that one day she would be a great leader. And she was.
She was to be called the Evening Star, the and she had the Marking, which was a prophecy that foretold of her leading the coven one day.
The young girl smiled, her lover’s behavior had been strange before and she was frightened because of it. But now that she understood the reason behind it and now she was overjoyed from the knowledge.
Jeanie had this Pentagram, same as this young woman who preceded her, and she covered her always kept hers hidden as well, lest the man she loved would cease to be her equal and become her slave instead.
She did not want a slave, she wanted a man. Someone to be strong for her and take care of her when she was vulnerable. Strength and Weakness ebbed and flowed. Love making for the Wiccan women was always one of consensual, and mutual pleasure but never at the expense of another.
“Marry me first, Jeanie replied.”
Mark was shocked backed into reality.
Don’t play house until you can afford one.
The reality of his situation jolted him out of whatever sexual fantasy he was under.
It was not unlike dumping a bucket of freezing cold ice water down his shorts, even his erection had gone limp.
That’s what I thought, Jeanie said, trying not to smile.
She opened the door and the body heat that started to fog the mirror instantly dissipated, as the cool air rushed in. It was sobering.
Mark felt slightly drugged as he followed Jeanie out, he even tried to glace at her pentagram once again, but it was safely covered again.
Mark still wasn’t clear about what had just happened. Despite every intention to keep Jeanie trapped, she had managed to escape him once again.

To be continued…