Greeting Brethren,

I am a writer who created a new genre called Eros Macabre (which is really just a combination of horror and erotica). What are the two most popular types of films? Porn and Horror. Sure you have the new Star Wars or Jurassic World every Summer, but there always that haunting feeling of “been here-done that.”

Because you have.

I don’t rewrite the Batman story every five years. I am original. That’s how I gauge my success. Not by how many books I sold or if how many fans I have. If I have told you a story that you have never heard before, I did my job. I don’t make sequels, that simply continue the original.

They have tried to mix genre’s before, like Horror and Comedy.
Both good in their own respect, but horrible together. Like Peanut Butter and Ketchup, instead of Peanut Butter and Jelly.

I got it right thou.

My first book, was about a beautiful thirteen year old redhead who practices witch-craft to protect herself from Rape and Incest. It was so realistically written that Amazon banned the printed version and I you can only buy the uncut version in E-format.

The one your reading now 2″ (Two Inches) is actually my 5th Novel


Before I ever stated writing I was an inventor (not a scientist), so I tried to built working proto-types which are very expensive. Millions of dollars are nothing for a working prototype that will never see the light of day.

As a man who came from nothing. I started writing stories (fiction) usually set in the near-future and mentioned my inventions as an attempt to promote them. I built my own website that featured my short stories, which I considered my best work, in an attempt to build an audience that would buy my large volume of works.

The novels had my inventions mentioned (and illustrated in), in them, so that I could hopefully generate enough money to build a working prototype of my inventions.

I started doing this over twenty years ago, and here we are. So if you have never heard of me, its not by choice, or lack of effort. I have been perfecting my craft and building my confidence. Please buy this book, if you enjoy my site, and be supportive.


Chapter 3: Smoky the Bandit

Shannon moved away from Ann Arbor and now she worked in Detroit. She had her own apartment, a new car and even her own clientele, which were called “regulars” people who came in just to see her specifically.

Shannon worked and supported both herself, and her son as a single parent, without any government assistance and all before she was even old enough to drink legally.

In most clubs the competition amongst the girls was fierce and some girls even tried to steal the regulars from the other girls they worked with. None had been able to do that to Shannon yet.

One weekend Shannon talked her friend Jill (whom she had a volatile friendship with), into seeing a new band called Dammed-nation. It was spelled as one word.


The band played on a Friday, the second most profitable day of the week, but instead of working she came here to hear them play instead.

Shannon didn’t know much about the band, but she was told that they were a throw-back to the heavy-metal bands of the 80’s, Shannon wanted to hear them for herself because good imitations were hard to find!!!

And they were good, very good, but they had no original songs. They had a singer but no song-writer, so without that talent, they were doomed to be a glorified bar band.

The two girls were in the front row and they stood out above all the other attractive women, as they bounced and jiggled together in a way that was more erotic and sexual than the rest of the pack.

After the show, they had made their way backstage and got thru security with no problems. Derek, the lead singer was a brunette who dyed his hair blond and thought himself to be the star.

All the band members were attractive, but it was the guitar player named Richard that was the one who caught Shannon’s attention. She liked his sharp, angular features, and aloof manner.

She figured that this Richard would be nothing but trouble, and she loved bad-boys. Shannon herself attracted trouble like a magnet and she had been the cause of more than one fistfight at the strip club.

There were always plenty of groupie’s backstage, but when the two of them walked in, they suddenly became the center of attention again. Shannon felt like she was back at work, on stage with all eyes on them.

Derek appraised the two of them. Shannon was an extremely attractive brunette, who could give any smoking hot blonde a run for her money, and that included her best friend Jill.

Jill “Crystal” Light was The Star Attraction at the club Stilettos where she and Shannon O’bannon, her best friend, who worked under the handle “Cleopatra,” or Cleo for short.

That star attraction was a position created as an incentive for all the girls at the club to work towards, a goal. The Star “Attraction” could be obtained by anyone, but Jill was the first, so everyone thought that Smoky the owner, really created the position, as a smoke-screen to give her extras without seeming like he was playing favorites.

She probably started fucking him and then threaded to quit if he didn’t, which wasn’t true. Jill never fucked anyone she worked with, not the customers (even thou that type of thing went on constantly), not the help, not the management, and especially not the owner Smoky.

Contrary to popular belief Jill didn’t fuck her regulars either. And it was not for lack of effort on their part. The Star Attraction got her own dressing room, her name on the marquee, and her face on the billboards that dotted I-94, the notorious freeway that ran across the state of Michigan and had the worst reputation in the Union.

The Star Attraction got the best days to work, and Christmas Eve off (always slow). The only day Stilettos was closed was on Christmas itself. She also got a parking space up front, and the valet had to both park her car when she came in to work, and start her car in the wintertime, while she waited inside for the engine to warm.

But the best was a runner to fetch her dry-cleaning. That was huge because none of Jill’s skimpy, expensive, outfits made of silk, leather and lace, could ever be cleaned in a regular washing machine.

When Shannon first got hired, she didn’t know what to make of Smoky. He always seemed to be bellowing at someone, just like a mean ole grizzly bear, until one day, after Jill had enough of his bullshit and she walked in from behind him, to tell him to, “Shut the fuck up, because he was giving her a migraine.”

When Jill walked past him, Smoky grabbed his chest and pretended to have a heart-attack. And then her would warn her, not to sneak up on him again, but always referring to himself in the third person.

“Don’t be sneaky up on Smoky, Cuz Smoky sees you coming from a mile away, you try that funky ninja shit again, Smoky gonna put a bell on your trifling ass, just like one of them moo-moo cows down from on that farm you were raised on -Heifer.”

Then he would point at her with his lit cigar, so she knew that he meant business, daring her to reply. But Jill would just crossed her arms defiantly and looked away until he left.

Then Smoky would storm out of the dressing room just as quickly as he had come in. He was still talking to himself even as he left.
“…big butt corn fed… from down on the farm girl.”

“Jill made the mistake of mentioning that she grew up on a farm in Wisconsin one time, and Smoky had used that against her ever since.

He was black as coal, six foot-two, and three hundred pounds, but that was an equal amount of both fat and muscle. Smoky got his name however, not because of his dark color, but because he was constantly puffing on a lit cigar, which was actual illegal.

Smoky tried to act tough, but he mainly just a blowhard. He really did try and make it fun to work at his club thou. And he believed in the loyalty of his people, that’s what made a club successful.

But the business always came first. And everyone knew where the line was drawn, and if they didn’t they found out soon enough.

Smoky was the first the one to condemn you if you fucked up, but the first one to praise you when you brought him honor, or money, which to him was really the same thing.

And if push came to shove, he would be right in there with you; fighting in the trenches. One time a huge bar fight broke out between two rival gangs, who just happened to show up one after the other. There were a dozen bouncers working that night, and every single one of them were busy fighting someone from one side of the other.

Even the bartenders, D.J and some of the kitchen staff ran out to help.

Smoky saw one his people getting the shit kicked out of him by some thug in a leather vest with a huge skull embroidered on the back, and he ran behind him with his lit cigar and a baseball bat, and hit the man as hard as he could, the blow just happened to land on the thinner part of the wood, nearer the middle and broke the bat in half when it landed.

It was still a solid shot but the man never flinched. He was taller than Smoky and more muscular, and when he turned around to see who hit him, Smoky just blew smoke in his face, it was me motherfucker, Smoky said, still waiving the the broken piece of wood in his hand triumphantly.

And laughing like a crazy person until the man grabbed Smoky by the throat with both hands and started choking him until he had him on the ground.

When he was younger Smoking had his share of fights, so this was not the first time some guy tried to choke him out. Instead of spitting out his cigar, grabbing his hands and trying to break his grip, he took the lit cigar (still in his mouth) and rammed it into the man’s eye. The biker had gone blind and had worn a patch over it ever since. Then he changed his handle from “Crow” to “Cyclops.”

The man screamed, but was still standing, so when he let Smoky go, Smoky immediately football tackled him against the bar railing creating a huge whole where they landed together. The man continued to swing wild, as he tried to get Smoky off him.

Everyone who saw what happened, both the bouncers and the brawlers came running over to jump on the two of them. Some gang members were trying to hit Smoky and others the man underneath him, while the bouncers were trying to pull them both apart.

In the end it was a huge, human pile-up near the entrance. And everyone was screaming at everyone else to get off them.

The girls were like cheerleaders, on the sidelines who were trying to encourage the bouncers who were losing their fight to win it. Then like a scene in a movie, the military police came rushing in with riot gear and raided the place.

Everyone scattered like cockroaches. Jill had just made it out of the club, which was an old building built just before the turn of the last century.

Both entrances were covered, so she slipped out a coal chute that had built in, back in those days when they were needed, but partially covered, and hid in a nearby dumpster, until the police left.

Smoky was arrested just like everybody else, and he was put in the same jail cell as his staff. Half of them were mixed in the pen with one gang, and the other half in adjourning cell. Nobody said nothing to no one, it was that bad.

When Smoky finally had the chance to call his lawyer (a black man), he found out he was on vacation from the message on his video voicemail without telling Smoky in person first.

Never hire black folk for serious shit, they always fucking up!!!

And then the guard announced that he had made bail. Smoky was shocked, he didn’t know a handful of people that would bail him out with three fingers cut off, but when he saw Jill, he smiled from ear to ear.

“Damn baby, if you aint a sight for sore eyes.”

Jill went from angry to horrified, when she saw how beat up he was, then she started crying. She bailed him out with her own money and did not go thru a bailsman.

And that was the real reason Smoky created the Star Attraction position, because he knew that Jill was special, and that was in addition to being his best earner.

But after his release he used her cell phone, because the police had confiscated his, and would not return it, to call another lawyer, to have everyone who worked for him bailed out.

And that included both sets of gang members, including the guy who would later be known as “Cyclops.” And all the other innocent patrons that were listed on the police report as well.
The amount was astronomical.

And this was coming from a man who belly-ached ever time he placed an order at the drive thru because he had to spend almost fifty cents more to up size his meal-deal.

He was considered by many (up to that point), to be the world’s tightest skin-flint, and nobody who wasn’t there could believe it.

Any who even heard of Smoky, never started a fight in his club again, and no one who had been arrested pressed charges, even for medical bills, not even “Cyclops.”

And his standing with his people was elevated to a new level. Now the legend of Smoky the Bear was becoming legendary.

At least in Detroit.

But at the time, Jill was fucking pissed, she didn’t say a word at the station, she waited until they were back at the club, then she let him have it, even in front of the other staff, which was unheard of. He had fired girls for less. Much less.

But Jill was not just any girl, now he considered her more of a partner. If Smokey’s mother was alive, and he called her, she would not have bailed him out of jail.

So  he was grooming her for the next level. But you had to handle things a certain way, you couldn’t play favorites. Also you couldn’t handle business with women the same way you could with men. Getting soft and playing favorites, was the worst thing that you could do for a man in his profession.

Jill put an ice-pack on Smokey’s swollen eye, “I can’t’ believe this fucking shit Smoky, and she started crying again, Jill rarely cursed, she considered herself a class act.

And classy women did not curse. They did not sleep with the clients, or the boss. The did not make emotional decisions were money was concerned.

“Look at this place, she was pointing to the hole in the bar he himself had caused earlier in the fight he had been in.”

“This is supposed to be a gentleman’s club, and you run this place like it’s a third-rate dive. I am proud to work here, -not ashamed. I am not ashamed of what I do.

But being arrested? I would never live that done, like a common criminal. I’ve quit better clubs than this, and I’ve worked all over the United States.

Vegas, Beverly Hills, Manhattan, but I work here because I want to, not because I have to, and you damn well better think about that the next time yourself get arrested, because when you do, I will not be the one to bail you out.”

It had been a long time since Smoky had gotten an ass-whooping like this, a women who worked for him, humiliating him, in front of his own people, but she was right.

Jill reminded him that the Business always came first and he hadn’t followed his first golden rule, so for the maybe the first time in over ten years he kept his big mouth shut and took until she was done.

One day she would even own the club, and he wanted everybody to know it.

When Jill knew her point had been made she stopped.

Then she threw the cloth that she was using to wipe the dried blood off his thick lips, into his lap disgustedly, grabbed her purse and stormed out the club.

Every bouncer in her way parted like the red sea as she made way out thru the double doors. Smokey’s mouth was swollen, but not so swollen that he couldn’t puff on an expensive cigar. His jaw would have to be broken and then wired shut for that, and even then…

Everybody waited until the they heard the second set of double doors shut, and when Smoky was sure Jill was out of earshot, he said to the rest of his staff, “She couldn’t talk to Smoky like that…without dat Smoking ass.”

But with his mouth swollen his words sounded different, like Bill Cosby’s cartoon character, Fat Albert, and then realizing it himself, added as an after-thought, “Hey, hey hey.”
Everybody burst out laughing at his imitation, even Smokie, even thou it hurt to laugh, “Am I lying Whittie?”

Witty, longtime friend of Smokies, was the bartender, and cleaning a mug, just smiled and nodded as if on cue. Witty was black, but nowhere near as black as smokie.

He had premature grey hair, and he always shook his head and laughed whenever he backed up Smoky, or just shrugged his shoulders, when he didn’t necessarily agree, which wasn’t very often.

Smoky was the boss, but he knew when to back off, no one came to the club to see him, it was all about the girls. He had to let them vent. But when Smoky got mad, it was for a damn good reason. Usually it was because one of the new girls screwed up.

She was usually a woman who lied about having experience to get the job and had never actually stripped before.

They thought the job was one thing, when it was something else. Smoky understood, it took real nerve to walk out onto that stage naked, into a crowd full of loud, drunk leering, and obnoxious men.

But he had raise hell anyway because that was his job. And when he got mad he would take it out on all the girls, not just the one who actually fucked up.

Shannon was a natural, she had no problem showing off her naked body, even after having a baby. She was new at the time, not new to stripping, but new to that club. It was one of the biggest and most popular in the city.

That night one of the other new girls screwed up big, and Smoky came back to the dressing room, unannounced, (it didn’t matter whether the girls were dressed on not), and he blew his top.

Shannon plugged her ears with her fingers, because the volume of his voice hurt her ears. And she didn’t take them out until he was done. Smoky didn’t care, he knew Shannon could still hear him. He was supposed to be menacing, but to Shannon he came across as comical.

Smoky, big as he was, no matter how mad he got, always looked like a gigantic child having a temper-tantrum. He reminded Shannon of one of the cartoon characters she watched with her son. She tried not to laugh, but his motions were so exaggerated that she couldn’t help it.

When she did, with her ears still plugged, she was the only one who couldn’t hear it, Smoky stopped, and the silence was deafening.

The entire room was horrified because Smokies anger was justified, he was good-natured, and hilarious when he wanted to be, but this was not one of those times.

Even the two bouncers behind him, looked panicked. When Smoky walked toward Shannon, her fingers still in her ears, she closed her eyes, but not before she saw Jill, walk into view from behind Smoky, feverously waiving her hands for her to STOP.

Smoky would fire a girl on the drop of a dime, he had done so before. Sometimes when he tried to intimidate a person they would laugh hysterically, other times when he was just fucking around, he saw people leave the bar before they finished their drinks.

Shannon was the former, she stopped laughing as he approached, but she couldn’t stop smiling. Smoky got close, real close and looked at her mouth until Shannon smiled exposing a beautiful set of teeth. They sparkled from the lights overhead. It might have been a toothpaste commercial.

That was it. Smoky threw his cigar down on the floor and put it out by stamping on it in front of her like a circus elephant who had gone berserk after being mishandled. And then he stormed out of the room and locked himself in his office for the rest of the night.

As soon as everyone heard Smokies office door slam shut, every girl surrounded Shannon to either praised her or curse her.
Whoa, girl you must be crazy laughing at Smoky like that, a Mexican dancer named Suzie, who spoke with broken English with an accent said laughing.

You go sno-ho (whore), an attractive black stripper named Coco smiled, don’t you put up with no shit from that (and she paused to turn around first to make sure Smokie hadn’t double-backed), fat bag of wind, she finished triumphantly.

A red-head who looked very cultured but was often bitchy, named Cinnamon, spelled with a “S” said sarcastically, “Thank you, now were all going to get it ten time worse.”

One of two identical twins named Dixie, told Sinnamon to give her a break, Trixie the other twin who usually finished her sister’s sentences reminded her that she was new.

A very sophisticated, and exotic looking woman, with ice in her eyes, named Mercedes pointed her finger and said, if you cost me money, I’m taking it out on your ass, you stupid bitch.
Jill stepped in at that point, because Shannon looked like she was about to cry.

Yea, like you never screwed up, Jill said to Mercedes walking up between the two.
Why don’t you stay out of this, she’s just going to wind up getting fired anyway, Mercedes snapped?
Your just jealous because you’ll never look half as good as she does, with twice the make-up, Jill returned. Mercedes was furious, but she held her tongue. She and Jill had already scrapped about a year ago, with Jill winning the fight, after she hit Mercedes over the head with the thicker end of one of her pumps.

The bouncers were ordered to stand back until a winner was decided, but then break up the fight before one girl seriously hurt the other. Mercedes lost, but she never let Jill forget she was in a fight.

You don’t belong here, you have your own dressing room, remember, and then she left?
Shannon started crying immediately after she did, Jill I didn’t mean to laugh.

Shannon seemed clueless, she had a childlike vulnerability, and Jill felt she needed to be looked after, or she was going to get fucked over by everybody, including the customers who were going to eat her up alive.

Shannon seemed to just want to have a good time, and didn’t care, about the money like the other girls. As long as she made enough to pay her bills, she was fine with the other, less attractive women making more money than she was.

To help someone as beautiful as Shannon, who could rise to Jill’s status, and was already showing incredible potential -was unheard of. Jill didn’t socialize with the other girls outside of work and wasn’t very friendly to them when she was.

But Jill knew that without her help, Shannon was never going to make it. Not in Detroit. And she became the friend that she herself needed, but never had. As hard as she tried; she could not refuse to help her.

“I know baby, don’t worry about it, this will all blow over, Smokey’s all bark and no bite. And that’s how Jill and Shannon became friends, Jill took Shannon under her wing and showed her the ropes. And eventually even some of her tricks. She wanted to share everything with Shannon, but she had a big mouth.

Jill was usually last to finish the set, in the roster, so being the star, she always performed last, but Jeff the head bouncer (Cooler), came up to Jill just before she was about to go on and told her that Smokey hasn’t come out of his office or answered his door since the incident in the dressing room.

Rarely did this type of thing happen, but when it did, Whittie usually handled it, now he was off for an extended time, because he was an older man who had to have his hip replaced.

Jeff was a big guy, thick and muscular, and Jill had seen him in several fights, most of which he won, but she never saw him look worried, until now.
With “Witty” gone, anytime there was a serious problem, everyone went to Jill, the bouncers, the strippers, the bar staff, kitchen staff, cleaning staff, even the Valet. Everybody, she commanded that kind of respect, she had her shit together, and everybody knew it.

Jeff, I want you to get Diamond to cover for me, and send Shannon back here immediately, but don’t tell anyone, who doesn’t already know. Try and keep this as quiet as possible.

Okay Jill, and then she thought he was going to salute her, as he had been in the Military. But Jeff hurried back to the stage with purpose, instead.

Shortly thereafter, Shannon came scurrying around the corner in a huff, crossing her arms to help keep her enormous breasts from bouncing, as she moved, she looked scared to death.

“Jill what was going on?”
Jill smiled, nothing honey, but Smoky, the Big Baby is pouting, so you have to go into his office and apologize to him before you go home. Do you understand?

Will you come with me, Shannon begged?

Of course, and I’ll be right next to you, but you have to apologize by yourself, I don’t want Smoky to see me with you, otherwise he might think that I put you up to it, get it?
Shannon nodded as Jill dragged her to Smokies office, told her what to say, and then knocked on his door for her.

Who dat, they heard Smoky yell from within his office.

Then Jill twisted the knob, opened the door and softly pushed Shannon thru it. Shannon stumbled a little then looked at her shoe, to make sure that she didn’t break a heel.

Then with her attention refocused, she said, Mr. Smoky, I just came in say, I’m sorry for laughing at you, and about your cigar, then Shannon reached into her purse and pulled out a new one, his favorite blend.

Smoky motioned her back to his side of the desk so she could put it in his mouth, and she did, and then he lit it and took a long puff. Giving her the thumbs up afterward.

Smoky had been on a long-distance call with a family member he hadn’t heard from in years, who just happened to call, when he was in his office pretending to be more upset than he actually was. He had spent the last three hours talking to them non-stop.

“We cool baby, Smoky smiled, exhaling and he hugged her before returning to his phone call.
Shannon kissed him on the cheek, now she had seen the “good-natured” Smoky checked his watch, he hadn’t realized how much time had passed. Shannon heard him as she was leaving, “Okay, man, listen I got to get back to work, but I’m going call you this weekend and we gonna hook up….

Shannon and Jill scurried down the hall holding hands and giggling like school girls, instantly Shannon, the new girl, had become one of them.

The hip crowd, the cool kids, the house girls. But even more, she had befriended Jill, who was the Queen of that Hive. Jill invited her over to her place, and they had been best friends ever since.