Chapter 3: What in a Name???

Suddenly Mark his mother calling him from downstairs.

“Mark, can you come down here please, you have company.”

Mark was annoyed, he didn’t want to go anywhere.

Mark just thought it was just one of his guy friends, Carlos or Kyle.

“Just send them up Mom, you don’t need to keep me in suspense, Mark yelled back.”

“No, you’re going to have to come down here, his mom answered.”

What the hell was going on, he thought to himself?

Mark only had on his shorts and sandals as he walked down the stairs heavily, then turned the corner that led into the hallway that connected him with the kitchen at the end, and that’s when he saw Jeanie sitting at his kitchen table. He was stunned.
Suddenly he felt like he was in a dream. Surreal. Mark saw things in a strobe-light effect, and when he studied Jeanie from his position, the sun was shining thru the cracks between the blinds, which outlined her body from behind her in an aura of white, and aura that made her look like an angel, except for the wings.
Mark was mesmerized, and continued to stare at Jeanie until even she got uncomfortable, and looked away. His mother Beth was was folding laundry turned around, and when she saw him staring, cleared her throat.
“Is it Saturday, already, Mark asked abruptly, pretending to shake the cobwebs out of his head?”
Jeanie laughed,”No, I’m early, Jeanie said embarrassed, she would not to look at him directly. Mark only had on shorts, and she also blushed from his semi-nakedness.”
Beth thru Mark’s a clean shirt, and it hit him in the head covering his face, and he pulled it down in a slow-motion gesture.
Jeannie laughed again, but still avoided eye contact until he finished dressing.
Here’s a pair of sweats Mark his Mother offered, this time she did not try to hit him in the head.
“I’m sorry Jeannie, I thought it was one of my stupid guy friends, Mark explained.”
“Sorry to disappoint you, Jeanie said smiling.”
“I was just on my bed thinking about you….”
His mother coughed again.
“I mean I was daydreaming about what happened earlier today… Mom this is Jeanie, he said turning to Beth, and Jeanie this is Jeanie this is my mom, she’s a new girl, from another school that sits next to me in my home room class.
He stammered a bit as he spoke, nobody could be cool in front of their parents, not even Mark.
Yes, I met Jeanie and she’s a lovely girl. I’m going downstairs to finish the laundry, why don’t you take her out, and show her around, maybe introduce her to some of your friends, Beth said.”
“Great idea, Mom, Mark agreed.”
“When his mom was out of earshot, Mark told Jeanie that he really was daydreaming about her, and then he asked her, “Am I still?”
“Jeanie laughed, “No, I’m real, she said.”
“You seem to have that effect on me, Mark said?”
“What were you daydreaming this time Jeanie asked?”
“What I was going to say to you on Saturday, he said.”
“Ohhh, Jeanie replied, but she sounded like she didn’t believe him.”
“How did you find me, Mark asked?”
“By accident, I discovered I only live a few houses up from you, I was walking to the store when I saw your last name on the mailbox, I took a chance to see if you were the same “Winters,” from my class, Jeanie said, and here I am.”
“Wow, that was really brave of you, Mark said, impressed.”
“Not brave, desperate, I needed to get out of the house, but I didn’t want to go to the store alone either. So when I saw the name “Winters,” I rolled the dice, Would you like to come with, Jeanie asked a little sultry?”
“Indeed, I would, Mark replied.”
Mark got so caught up in the moment that he was rushing her out the door before Jeanie had a chance to stop him.
“Hey wait Mark, tell your mom were leaving and when you’ll be back, Jeanie said.”
Mark ran back thru the door, and yelled down the stairs to his mom, “Mom, I’m going to the store, do you want anything, he asked?”
“No, but you better not ruin your appetite, dinner will be ready in half-hour and Jeanie can stay if she wants, his mother offered.”
“Okay, I’ll tell her.”
Mark grabbed his X-Large denim jacket with deep pockets, and ran back out to Jeanie.
“What were you going to buy at the store he asked.”
“I don’t know, I have a craving for Ice Cream, Jeanie said.”
“What flavor, Mark asked?”
“Vanilla, Jeanie answered.”
“Good call, Mark said, but I have to have mine dipped in sprinkles, he said.”
“Strawberry, Jeanie asked?”
“Yea, Mark looked at her a little dumbfounded, there my favorite, he said.”
“Mine too, Jeanie agreed, we even have ice-cream in our freezer but I have to sprinkles, otherwise I won’t eat it.”
Wow, Mark thought to himself, that’s how I eat mine.
As we were walking Mark started telling Jeannie some of the more popular gossip that was circulating around town.
“They want to make this sub-division a gated community, Mark told her?
“Why, Jeanie asked?”
“Because of my father, if you can believe that. Last year he came home early from work, to discovered four or five inner city kids had broken into our yard and swimming in the pool, Mark told her.”
“You have a pool, Jeanie asked?”