Chapter 15: First Face

Janus thought he had seen it all, and no sooner than he thought that; then suddenly something would come up and pull the rug out from underneath him. He was working a front to secure nuclear warheads with a Country that was curretly alias with the United States, who were enemies less than a year ago. That was the turn-over; about a year.

He was assigned to interrogate a bunch of prisoners who were double agents. He was going to kill them all, but he had to follow procedure first, and that meant extracting any information they might have. Janus was excited, he had a new toy that he was dying to use.

It was a gun that had bullets that exploded inside of the human body instead of thru it. The bullets were called anchors and they were made of plastic instead of metal, and they fragmented after impact.

The idea was that you could shoot a person indoors without the bullets exiting the body to prevent them from going thru the walls.

They were “smart” bullets activated by body temperature, and it was also Janus’ job to test weapons in the field, so he was going to kill two birds with one stone. Many times, you had to kill a person in their actual home, he had done so to many victims. But if they lived in an apartment, or crowed proximity, which was becoming more and more common you could accidentally kill someone that you did not intend too.

These unintended targets could become a huge liability. Other agencies were called in, the local police were the worst, and before you knew it, a simple job could end up in mound of paperwork, media cover-up’s and jurisdictional intrusions. That was how the term “Collateral Damage” came into existence.

He took jobs like this just to avoid the paper-work. He was not a sloppy person, and he hated loose-ends. Sometimes it was inevitable, so Janus enlisted for the Foreign Counter Intelligence, but after almost six years, he was getting home sick.

“Okay, Mohamed, Janus asked in a Foreign language, and sitting down in front of the Interrogatee, what did you tell the rebels, the infidels, he asked calmly.”

“I told no one, nothing, I know nothing, Mohamed the suspected double-agent, told him in broken English.”

“Your lying boy, I can always tell when someone, Janus said. Mohamed Akeem had been tortured for hours. He lacked food, water, sleep, denied the privilege of relieving himself, and beaten until one of his eyes was swollen shut.”

“Where are they Mohamed, Janus repeated, but now he sounded a little aggravated, he hated liars, it was just one of his pet-peeves.”

I know of no such rebels, your informants have lied to you, and you are being made a fool out of, by your own people. I swear to Allah, Mohamed Akeem said terrified. And then he swallowed hard.

“We have you on video, smuggling rebels out in the back of a covered truck, a United States Army Vehicle that we gave you, do you want to see the evidence for yourself?”

Ungrateful Bastards!!!

“Yes, show me this evidence, Mohamed, insisted.”

Janus sat down and grabbed the remote and turned on the video player that was television that it was connected to the television, on a long series of ancient electrical cords that ran underneath the tent in a bundle. They were both older models as the military had cutbacks but they worked well.

That was the Military, always skimping on the wrong things, Janus was embarrassed to be using such archaic equipment in front of a suspected double-agent. It was embarrassing. He was glad to be leaving after this.

The video played had security footage that was filmed by a security camera equipped with night vision. But it played back on the color tv in black and white.

In the video it showed a man covered in garb from head to toe, but especially his head, so that it was impossible to determine his identity. But by the way the person moved Janus was convinced that he had the right man.

Akeem watched the man in the video help the others into the truck, there was scurried movement but no sound. When the last man was in, the driver walked to the front of the truck and drove away.

“That is your evidence, Mohamed laughed, it proves nothing.”

Janus was not as doubtful, “Where did you take them, I won’t ask you again?”

“Why don’t you go ask this man in your film, so he may tell you instead.”

Janus turned off the video with the same remote, took out his gun and loaded the clip, then he put the gun next to Mohamed’s eye, the one that was not swelled shut. He needed to test this weapons accuracy at an extreme length.

“You’re really hurt me Akeem, playing me for a fool, and I wanted to be your friend, Janus replied.”

“I will not see you suffer now, but from heaven I will watch you burn, Mohamed laughed; when he did he raised his head, and now the gun was not pointing to his eye, he was praying, so Janus put the gun into his gaping mouth instead and pulled the trigger.

Instantly Mohamed started to convulse like he was having a seizure, it might have lasted three seconds, and then he stopped.

Janus examined the back of his head, with gloved hands, the bullet never exit-ed. Very impressive. Rarely did things work right the first time, especially in the Military, half the time they never worked at all. Life was sloppy, Janus was not.