Chapter 14: Revenge of the Cyst


Mark, Kyle and Carlos were eating lunch outside near the bleachers, Mark was drinking a large coke with ice, sipping it without the lid on. He still hung out with his two friends but usually just at school, because Mark and Jeanie didn’t have the same lunch this year.

All thru high-school Mark’s friends Kyle and Carlos would nag him for details on how good Jeanie was in bed, Mark would try and blow them off.


“Compared to who, he would say?”


“C’mon man, you fucked a lot of bitches, Carlos would try and get Mark going.”


“He couldn’t blame them, because they both had trouble finding girlfriends of their own, at least ones that would go all the way with them.


Not every girl who wanted to go to the prom was willing to put out for it.”

When Mark and Jeanie were together sometimes Kyle and Carlos showed up to crash and they would hang out and ruin whatever good time Jeanie and Mark had planned together.

Jeanie tried to be a good sport and be one of the guys, but it was difficult.

Sometimes she would serve all them Pizza that they ordered on a weekend, staying up late watching movies, but more often she would make other plans, so she didn’t have to be there when she knew they would be.


Guys couldn’t act like guys when a woman was present, they could not talk about women the way guys do. And sometimes they would start talking trash. To Jeanie that was very disrespectful. She would never say anything at the time, but Mark would have to hear all about it when he and Jeanie were alone.

One agreement that Mark made with Jeanie was that he wouldn’t brag to his friends about having sex with her. Jeanie was constantly worried about what other people thought, although outwardly she appeared just the opposite.

Despite her white skin and red hair (warm colors to be sure), Jeanie manifested a cool and reserved façade to those she was didn’t like, and a shy, introverted one for those she had to get along with like Mark’s father. Jeanie may have been annoyed by Mark’s friends, but that didn’t mean she wanted them to think of her as a bitch. Mark had to constantly assure Jeanie that both his friends did not think Jeanie was a bitch; but she knew they did.

Sometimes they would ask Jeanie for advice on girls, namely how to ask them out. But the advice was always pointless. Be nice, compliment her, treat her like a lady. Mark knew better, you never took advise from women on women.

Mark would beg Jeanie to set one of them up with her single friends, so they could double date, but it never worked out. Jeanie did make a real effort to try and help them, and even invited along one of her single girlfriends as a favor, but that always turned into a disaster.

Usually the other girl would get annoyed and become stand-offish, and then Mark’s friend would start acting like a jerk when he knew he didn’t have a chance.

But her friend was usually just as guilty, Jeanie’s didn’t understand how her friend could be so excited about having a date all week long, only to become the ice princess during the actually date itself.

After a few attempts Jeanie and Mark both decided it was hopeless.

Mark was Jeanie’s only boyfriend all thru high-school, she never dated anyone else, they never broke up, or even had a fight, at least not one known publicly. Jeanie had never even considered going out with another guy even thou she had been approached several times, by upperclassman.

One senior desperately wanted Jeanie after seeing her wearing a leather mini-skirt one day, as he loved “thick-chicks,” or big asses on white girls.